The Benefits Of Having A Pet

6 Benefits Of Calling An Animal Your Best Friend

A bond is strong between a pet and their "hoo-man."

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Having a pet is amazing, no matter the animal or the breed. Though they depend on us to survive, be healthy, get exercise, and all that jazz, we depend on them just as much.

Whether it's a cat, dog, bird, rodent, reptilian, amphibian, or aquatic, they're a source of entertainment, comfort, and love. Except a fish, because all they probably do is judge us while they're swimming in all their poop.

Anywho, there are several health benefits to having pets. Sure, that was already a known fact because everyone has the capability of making their pet an emotional support animal if need be, but I didn't realize how many benefits there were aside from anxiety and depression.

Improves mood and eases blood pressure


Obviously. I mean we knew that already. Watch your animal act stupid. It'll cheer you up.

Can sense emotions


Animals can do this and I think it's so cool. When my cat comes up to my mom or I, he does this little meow and jumps up to us so we can pet him, then lays near us or straight-up on us until we feel better. Dogs have their own ways, which is cool too, but since cats are independent, they do this whole "I know you're sad hoo-man. I'm right here if you need me" thing. The whole head-butt to whatever body part thing is cute too, because that's how cats tell you that they love you and it's comforting to know that.

Increases fitness and lowers cholesterol


Exercising with your pets, yaaayyy! Dogs do more though. All you have to do with a cat is get a laser pointer or string and they'll go nuts until they just pass out.

As long as you're chasing your pet around doing God knows what, you're getting exercise! Woo!

Revisiting mood and introducing entertainment


I brought up a laser pointer so I had to🤷

Or give your cat cat-nip to get him stoned. it's hilarious. And if you're into that stuff, get stoned with your cat. Y'all can enjoy the high together!

Monitor blood sugar levels for diabetics


I didn't know that but it's really cool. I don't know how they do that. I know that they're trained and everything but jeez. Maybe it goes along with the whole sensing-your-emotions thing but with medical stuff? So therapy pet.. yup.. pieced that together.

...Alrighty then! Moving on!

Help encourage social behavior

No lie, I've had conversations with my cat- in English or if just me meowing at him. Either way, I feel like he can understand me because he gives me that "did you really just say that?" judgmental look.

And dogs, oh yeah. Huskies specifically? GOOD GOD. They just talk so they can hear themselves talk (according to my friend Shelby anyway -so shout out to her husky, Holly-)

AND BIRDS. OH MY GOD. Parakeets, parrots, whatever! THEY CAN ACTUALLY TALK. I honestly just want a bird so I can teach it stuff so we can eventually talk shit to each other and they can randomly tell guests to go f*ck themselves. It would be SO fun!!

There's so many more ways animals benefit us, but I'm just going to finish strong with the parrot compilation video :)


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