It’s becoming extremely common to be a child of divorced parents. Sad but true. This leaves many kids with both advantages and disadvantages in life. Some kids face hardships when their parents split. But others, like myself, have grown up with divorced parents all of their life. I don’t know anything other than having divorced parents and I’m fine with it. It’s all I know and it doesn’t ever cross my mind. When you grow up with it, the divorce itself is not as hard on you. Of course, there are other things in a family that come with divorce, but when you’ve grown up with divorced parents your entire life, you really only see the beneficial factors of being a child of divorce. Here are 5 benefits:

1. Double presents.

Whether it’s Christmas morning or your birthday, you get to go to two different houses. That means double the amount of gifts.

2. Double parties.

More than one family means more than one party. Any holiday is celebrated twice and they’re both so different from one another. Different family members, sizes, and traditions!

3. Getting your way easier.

If one parent says no, you go to the other. This wouldn't work if you were all in one household because your parents would communicate. When your parents don’t communicate, they don’t know what the other’s opinion is on what you want.

4. You know how each parent would react.

Everyone has that one parent that they are closer to, or at least share more with. When you get in trouble, you know exactly which parent to call. When you’re upset, you know exactly which parent to call. The great thing about this is that they’ll never tell your other parent.

5. Having two rooms.

Traveling between your parents’ houses isn’t exactly ideal, but you make the best of it. Two houses mean two bedrooms. You have two spaces all to yourself. You can have two rooms that are both perfect for you, yet completely different from each other.