Regardless of if you're into this new medical cannabis wave throughout the country, CBD promises to alleviate pain in the body. Marijuana is used to get high, but CBD is the opposite, actually counteracting the psychoactive THC. Is this the product for you? Should you at least be open to considering using it? Let me break it down for you.

1. What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the many naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis, second to THC. Unlike THC, you can use CBD products to help your issue without feeling "stoned." The great thing about CBD is that you don’t need a prescription or medical card to get it. In fact, your local drug store might even carry it--if not, it is still available online.

2. What is CBD used for?

CBD, when ingested, will let your body relax and balance itself through homeostasis. When applied topically, it will soothe pain such as a sore muscle or joint. However, CBD has recently seen positive effects on people with conditions like arthritis, epilepsy, PTSD, chronic pain, etc.

3. How do I use it?

As described earlier, CBD can be ingested or applied topically. So, will eating a brownie containing CBD make you feel impaired? No, CBD contained edibles will not make you feel high or impaired at all, and you can’t actually feel anything.

4. In conclusion...

CBD products are beneficial for a lot of people, despite the stigma that society has put on it. It isn’t impish, nor will it make you feel like you’re using THC. CBD isn't a cure, but opening our minds up to science like this allows an opportunity. The bottom line is that society is accepting CBD products more and more every day, and you should, too.