In Nicholas Carr's "Automation Makes Us Dumb," he speaks about how with the growing technological advances with time, our own intelligence as humans has begun to decline. Carr emphasizes how as the world becomes smarter through technology, humans have, in turn, become less dependent on their own knowledge and hands-on skills. The reliance on an artificial variety in technology begins to concern him, as mistakes are more prone concerning people's safety, in addition to a lazier mindset in completing tasks and professionalism in the work-place. My decision to write a response to Carr's article stems from agreeing and disagreeing simultaneously.

Although I agree that modern-day technology has changed the mindset of many people and has caused them to lose valuable skills and become lazier, I also believe in part that reliance is good too. The world is much better off with these advances because it has led to a whole other spectrum of skills and many more important discoveries that have been in aid to human intelligence, not only to decline it. It truly depends on the context of reliance when it comes to the human uses of technology. Stay tuned for my response in how I will agree with Nicholas Carr's point of view in the increase of laziness and how it creates many problems in the real world, but I will also expand on the benefits of relying on technology to help solve bigger problems that help build more creativity in people's minds and more effectiveness in discovery in the world.