Being Enough
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Being Enough

Whether you choose to be a light breeze or a tsunami, you are enough

Being Enough

Everyone should be told they’re more than enough

They should be told that they can be a storm if they want to

That they can be a downpour of greatness if they desire

That they can flood the streets and tear houses down

That they are capable of mass destruction

Everyone should be told they can do this with their words

Maybe then people would watch what they say

Maybe then people would speak up more

Knowing your words can impact someone or something so heavily

That would make everyone think twice

How they greet someone

How they express their love

How they talk about themselves

How they talk about others

But we don’t tell our kids how powerful they are

How their words can bring down buildings

How they’re capable of much more than the jobs their 9th grade teacher said they’d be good at

Tell them to stop thinking practically and realistically

Show them what it means to really think outside the box

To have crazy ideas and to try and achieve them

Not just dream about them

Teach them they are bigger than their names

Teach them they are storms

Teach them that they can be hurricanes

Teach them that love is homemade and

They deserve all the love in the world

Show them it’s easy to smile and

Happiness can last more than just a while

Show them they can achieve the things they didn’t think possible

That whatever they choose to do is enough

Whether they want to be a drizzle and a breeze

Or lightening and hail

They are enough

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