Being Engaged: As Told By The Cast Of Grey's Anatomy

Being Engaged: As Told By The Cast Of Grey's Anatomy

This is not at all what I had in mind when I said "yes" to my super handsome fiancé.

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I have been engaged for about a week now, and it is nothing like I pictured in my childhood dreams. I thought wedding planning would consist of choosing a color scheme, deciding on the perfect dress and eventually working out the remaining sweet, little details along the way. Boy, was I wrong.

Wedding planning (thus far) has sent me into at least twelve emotional breakdowns over the course of one week, and caused me to break out and bite my nails more than I ever have in my life. I do suffer from mild anxiety (so maybe that is the culprit), however, this is not at all what I had in mind when I said "yes" to my super handsome fiancé. (God bless his soul). I soon learned that brides-to-be face every human emotion on the spectrum, sometimes all within a 24 hour period. From dress shopping, bridal party decisions, budgets, breakdowns and so much more, these were the hoops that I jumped through and the feelings that went along with them, all within the first week of getting engaged.

3.5 seconds after getting engaged:

First setting a budget:

Choosing your maid of honor:

When you go over your budget with your fiancé:

When vendors start giving you price quotes:

When people try to encourage you:

Before going dress shopping:

Realizing that you will NEVER be able to afford your dream venue:

When you start reconsidering marriage altogether:

Venue shopping in a nutshell:

When you realize that you will never be able to afford your dream wedding:

When somebody who isn't a bride tries to tell you that it's going to be okay:

When you" go off" on somebody who does not deserve it:

When you consider pushing back your date to 2035:

When you have your seventh breakdown in less than 24 hours:

You fully understand the extent of your crazy, yet have no desire to change:

Trying to convince your fiancé that you need a wedding planner:


When you realize that every good photographer is way out of your price range:

When someone in the bridal party is being difficult:

When you talk to a bride who has been there:

Your fiancé witnesses breakdown number eight:

When you pull yourself together and realize that it is all going to be okay:

Honestly, I am very excited (and also slightly scared) to embark on this life-altering journey with the love of my life. We will see both the best and the worst sides of each other, I am sure. And as painful and miserable as some of these situations might be, it will all be worth it when I get to officially say "I do" to this sweet, wonderful and remarkably PATIENT man. Stay strong, fellow brides-to-be. God-speed.

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