Being Considered A Millennial

If you were born between the years of 1980 all the way up to the year 2000, you my friend, are considered a millennial. Now, many people struggle to accept the name in which they have been associated, due to the fact that millennials are not always thought highly of.

We all fall into one stereotype that describes us as beings that lackmotivation, but still expect a reward for putting in minimal effort. We are seen as people who are coddled, lazy, andexpect the world to revolve around ourselves.I'd say this is a large case of Generation X hatingGeneration Y for our ability to text and have a verbal conversation at the same time while ALSO crossing the street. Maybe they'rejust jealous of our excessive amount of information we have on hustling in the online economy.

It is hard to say whether our generation was born at the right place and right time, or the worst place at the worst time. Elders see us as self-centered and addicted to technology.When we are accused of this, all we do is get offended and attempt toprove themwrong.

"HAH 75% people said Millennials are not addicted to technology and only 15% said yes. I win."

It’s hard to prove yourself right,when your strategy is using a Twitter poll.

Think about it. You've actually just proved them right. It's alright though don't feel bad, I'm sure you'll still get a lot of likes on your Instagram selfie.

Being considered a Millennialmyself is a hard role to accept in my opinion, but others may not mind it that much. It's really all about perspective. You can either focus on the bad characteristics we are given,or you can view us as an open-minded generation, with new ideas on the world, and the discovery of a moreefficient way of life.The older generations see us as entitled, but I like to call it confident.

I think one of the main reasons why we get so offended being called this name, is because we can’t help but to agree with some of the characteristics given to us, although it is unfair that we are put in his category due to just our birthdays. I don’t know about you, but I've seen my fair share of grandmas and grandpas texting up a storm, commenting on Facebook posts, and buying the latest Ipad.We're not the only ones.

Us Millennials are only here because of our inevidible fate. That is what landed us in this technology Millennial madness. We didn’t ask to be a millennial, but somehow it happened, and now we're stuck with that title, and way of life. A life where the focus is on material things like cell phones, computers, and money rather than real moments. A life where we are focused on ourselves, and our social status. After all, our generation is also referred to as "Generation Me".

Ironically, I am writing this articleabout people with an internet based way of life, for a site on the internet, but that is BESIDES the point. I leave you with this question. How do you feel being associated as a Millennial?

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