I had hair, then I didn't, and I turned out alright. Well, sort of.

As teenagers, young adults and even people as old as my parents, hair can be a defining characteristic in your life, something that showcases particular pieces that make-up you.

For example, you could be wearing a bow because its game day and cheerleaders have to represent or maybe you died part of your hair blue to match your school's colors or even something as simple as wearing your hair in a ponytail, which could mean that you have track practice after classes.

My point is, hair can show people parts of you without you having to tell them.

I used to, and still do, wear my hair in a bun, which wasn't exactly by choice, more so that my hair is too thick for it to go in a simple ponytail. It showcased my mixed hair problems.

I remember the day my hair started falling out in the shower very vividly; I cried a bit and I'm pretty sure I yelled for my mom. That night I decided that I didn't want to see my hair fall out so a family friend who works at a barbershop came over and shaved my head.

J Dub Photography

For a while, it was odd because I had gone from having ten layers of hair to nothing at all. My head got cold quite easily during the Winter months and in the middle of summer, I had to put sunscreen on my head when we were at the beach. Now, I personally, try my best not to use sunscreen, so this was a huge change.

I honestly think the hardest part about going bald was hearing other people complain about their hair or how expensive it was to dye it. The first day it bothered me was when a group of girls was talking about something and it changed to a conversation about hair. Mind you, later that week I started treatment. It just hit me hard and I thought about it all night. I know they didn't mean to cause me any sadness, but it did.

Other than that, I was honestly happy with short hair. I didn't have to brush out a bird's nest or cut out knots, it was simple.

Now, maybe your hair is important to you, but if you lose your hair, you'll get through it. Plus you could get a cool looking wig in all different colors and textures.

If you do end up bald at some point in your life, stay calm, it will probably grow back eventually.