Having time to one's self is extremely important for a person's existence.

Spending time in solitude is a good way for individuals to clear their minds, even if it's just for a little while. However, a lot of people don't see things that way when it comes to being an only child. Most people think not having siblings at home means a lonely existence, but I have found that being an only child gives me a sense of social freedom to enjoy being alone and with others.

Now I admit, when I was a kid, I always talked about how I wanted a little sister. Gosh, I used to beg and beg, but since then, I have grown an appreciation for having alone time with only my own company. I remember playing with Barbies on my own in the purest manner of contentment.

As I got older, I wanted to spend a little more time with friends and family.

Although I enjoy the times well spent with my loved ones, I still find moments where I need to breathe a little air in solitude. For those with siblings who cannot fathom the idea of being by themselves, I just want to point out how normal it is for only children to want time to themselves and how it has nothing to do with any discontent toward spending time with others.

After all, there are probably some only children who detest being alone.

No matter what differing opinions there are about this, I believe being an only child gives me certain unique advantages towards approaching the social aspect of life.

With what time I am by myself, I have learned now to conjure fear and loneliness together. On the other hand, I also understand how to cherish the time spent with others. Thanks to being an only child, the idea of being alone gives me strength instead of weighing down on me with fear.