The era of women is nigh. With the era of #MeToo, it may really feel like we have entered into the time when women truly do run the world and while there have been countless changes over the years that have forged us in the right direction there is still a ways to go and here's why!

1. Women are still vulnerable in many ways

The R Kelly, Harvey Winestein and Bill Cosby scandal (and countless others) should tell you that in many ways that young girls and young women are taken advantage of. These are famous men. And there are countless women out there who don't report the abuse, who suffer in silence for years and who never receive justice. But at least now with the #MeToo era, we appear to be moving in the right direction.

2. Women are still the least paid

While in many ways society had come a long way in gender equality, like race relations we have a long way to go. Women get paid about 75 cents to every dollar men get paid according to labor statistics.

3. The demands of motherhood haven't changed

But what has is the perception of what it takes to be a Mom in today's era. A recent study finally proves that being a Mom is equivalent to a 2.5 FTE. Let's think about that for a second...TWO POINT FTE.

4. The demands of life haven't changed for working Moms

Now add a paid job on top of that 2.5 FTE. And as we know the climate is changing. Gone are the days of loyalty from a company. The big conglomerates mega business means that being an employee today, you are doing 2.5 times the work of the past.

5. The demands of gender assigned roles haven't changed

Now let's add wives demands inherent to the gender roles within a marriage to that mix: i.e. dinner on the table by 6 and in bed ready for action by 9 p.m.

This means that modern day women have the equivalent of about 7FTE . Truthfully, there aren't enough hours in the day for that. The demands of modern-day women aren't realistic. Now if you are lucky like me and you find a man who will go to work, come home and cook you dinner. Who on some weeks recognizing that your job, where you are expected to work 2.5 times longer harder and faster than a person in the role 20, 30, 50 years ago, will take the kids out to give you some time to soak in a relaxing bath. Who will celebrate you for all your accomplishments and support you by taking the fair share of the load when it comes to your children...then really you've hit the jackpot short of winning the lottery.

Now if you have a child who needs more of your attention, developmentally delayed or special needs, that 2.5 FTE goes to 5FTE. You have to take that child to several therapists several times a week. If you are lucky and your job is understanding that can work but if you are unlucky, every time you leave to take care of what needs to be done, for your child you have to rise earlier and finish later to get it all accomplished. No wonder the modern woman is exhausted.