16 #MeToo Tweets Everyone Needs To See
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Politics and Activism

16 #MeToo Tweets Everyone Needs To See

Share your story. Share the facts. Take action.

16 #MeToo Tweets Everyone Needs To See
Surdumi Hail

The #MeToo movement has been dominating Twitter trends, been discussed on live TV, and is encouraging the everyday woman, celebrities, and even congress and senate members to speak up about rape and sexual assault in a public setting.

#MeToo was started by Tarana Burke, a survivor and activist. Burke created Just Be Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps victims of sexual harassment and assault.

The hashtag went viral when political comedian and activist Alyssa Milano promoted #MeToo on her personal Twitter page.

Before Burke and Milano knew it, the hashtag had been used by nearly 2 million people from 85 different countries. The movement has brought together women and men from every culture, color and political party. It brought attention to the elephant in the room we so often ignore.

The movement has given the voiceless a place to admit things they may have never admitted before.

It has allowed women, and the world, to bring awareness to the fact that this is not only an American issue, a racial issue, a behavioral issue, etc. – but a universal issue that needs to be addressed now.

It has encouraged people to not only share their own survival stories and testimonies, but to bring awareness through statistics, facts and informative tweets or posts as well.

Everyone is talking about sexual assault – and it's a good thing.

Here are a few of the #MeToo tweets that are worth noting:

















Take the time to search #MeToo when you're on Twitter today. Take a moment to see. To listen. To acknowledge. It's time survivors of sexual assault are heard and noticed.

Share your story. Share the facts. Take action in this movement. Change the world as we know it.

Wouldn't you love to walk to your car in a dark parking lot without the fear of being raped or assaulted?

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