So here recently, I have noticed this blowing up all over Facebook and Twitter. The movement started as a way for women to post a simple status of “Me Too” to realize the insane amount of survivors who have been under the hand of sexual harassment and to open up about it without saying much at all.

I’ve read articles, reviews, and opinions on this matter and I can honestly say that this movement has astounded me in both a positive and negative way.

I am so glad to see something like this become popular and make its way through bouts of social media. More attention needs to be brought to this. It is positive because it allows people to share their story without saying it. You can see the impact it has on other people too, or how it can encourage other survivors of their horrific past with sexual assault and/or harassment. It seems as though we are one step closer of realizing the wrongs in our world, starting with this.

The only thing I hated about it was that so many people were responding. It was so shocking to see millions of people opening up and admitting that they have been sexually harassed, and that’s not all of them.

Many people have decided not to join this campaign because it brings too many harsh realities to the surface, which is completely understandable. It’s equally hard opening up about sexual abuse just as much as it is hiding it. But the numbers and statuses are no excuses to the disturbing accounts of what many women face today.

This movement should bring a call to attention that this continuing fight with sexual harassment and abuse cannot go unnoticed. This, unfortunately, has not been the first time we have heard about this. Growing up, kids and everyone else hears about these kinds of crude actions all the time.

As a matter of fact, I believe that it is voiced so much that people tend to draw a blind eye towards all the chaos when it should, in fact, have the opposite effect. But how long can we ignore these women? How can we ignore the numbers, the statuses of these people any longer? This movement is something that can have such a positive outcome if we all come together and realize that the more sexual assault and other relating issues are brought to light, we can possibly put an end to it or hand out the right equity.

I hope others find solitude and justice in this movement. This whole campaign is not to belittle or degrade men, but to shine the light on the people who have suffered from the sick individuals in this world. Don’t stop fighting for what’s right. No one deserves to be the chess piece in someone else’s game.