Beginning Of A Journey
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Beginning Of A Journey

As my graduation from high school is approaching (6 days, to be exact), I write this poem in hopes of finding comfort in this chaotic time, as well as providing the same sense of consolation when moving through the chapters in one's life.

Beginning Of A Journey
Sara Enyeart (2015)

Growing up has never felt so real, so raw.

The concept taunts you for the entirety of your childhood,

the forbidden thought is believed to never become your reality.

As a naive child, you grow in excitement at the thought of becoming an adult,

when you get to experience your flight from home; your awaited independence.

My time has come, my feet are firmly planted in the ground, but I am anxious for the uncertainty.

I believe that I am not ready to take my leap, to dive into what is unknown,

and leave behind all that I have ever known.

It is enticing and I'm never one to shy away from adventure.

Trust is necessary to continue on with my journey, but with my first step out onto the water,

I can feel myself sinking.

But this sensation is only temporary, it is a fleeting thought in my racing mind.

I am called to look beyond the murky surface and discover the beauty that lies beneath the waves,

but I need to hold my breath and open my eyes.

I know I am ready for my first steps into the uncharted territory of my future.

Being the oldest child in my family, I have never had any experience with leaving my home for college. For my parents and me, college was always something in the far-off future, but none of us anticipated such a rapid change in our lives. However, since I'm currently on the West Coast, I am ecstatic for seasons and adjusting to a new way of life in New York. For anyone who is also leaving the comfort of their home and all that they know, I find that getting my thoughts out on paper, whether it's in the form of a journal rant or a poem, is the best form of therapy. I have also taught myself to cherish each moment I have with my beloved friends and look forward to the personal growth that is awaiting me. Growing up is never going to be easy, but I know it is so extremely necessary for making an impact in our world and in the lives of those around us. I firmly believe that everyone is called to catalyze change, never shy away from obstacles, and embrace your mistakes.

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