Becoming Numb To The World Around Us

Becoming Numb To The World Around Us

It's so easy to get caught up in the mundane of life, and the same thinking pattern that we may have grown up with.

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It's so easy to get wrapped up in our own little bubble- the life that we live. It's so easy to forget what is really going on in the lives around us. It's so easy to get caught up in the mundane of life, and the same thinking pattern that we may have grown up with. It's so easy to forget that life is actually, in reality, really difficult and/or different for each individual we encounter, and it's so easy to think that everyone has the same perspective as we do. It's easy for us to pretend like nothing bad is going on around us. And it's easier to just push these problems that other people are facing to the side. And sometimes, it's just so easy to think that everything is actually pretty okay when in complete honesty, it is not really at all.

There is hope out there; there are also hardships and victories. There are over-comers, and there are people that are trapped in the darkest of times at this very moment in their own life. These people could be your closest friends, family members, and even neighbors. They could be people you go to church weekly with or the coworkers you are laughing and cracking jokes with daily. Maybe they're complete strangers. You could be doing life with people that are struggling this very moment and not even know the troubles that they are facing within them. We can get so caught up in our own life, and our own hardships, that we tend to forget to take a look outside our own little world and bubble that we are living in.

We are all human, and humans make mistakes. Humans go through trials, and face the real tough mountains in life. Sometimes we fail, and sometimes we hit the darkest moments. Sometimes we just need people to reach out and ask if we are just simply, okay. Sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we cry. We all go through the same kind of pain. And we all need to learn to be more open and vulnerable with one another in order to help that "someone" who is actually struggling. We need to step out and ask the ones that we love how they are really doing. We need to be aware of the terrible things that are happening around us, and to the people we care about. We need to care for one another to help bring the change that this world needs. We need to be strong for the ones who can't be strong for themselves in the present moment. Let's open our eyes to the struggles that people are facing daily, and let's help them make a difference. Let's not become numb to this world and to the problems people face with regularly. Let's be the light that someone else needs, and step out. Let's be the change, help the issue, and help transform someone's life when they need it most.

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