Become One With Nature
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Become One With Nature

You're going to die unpredictably one day. Don't do it with a cellphone in your hand.

Become One With Nature
Adam Pedesclaux

Nature is something we are all familiar with and think we understand, to a certain extent. But, despite being animals, most people don't really "do nature", as they may put it. This is rather odd given that we are no different in bodily function than our less domestic counterparts. What is nature, you may ask (or maybe you don't ask). You will get an answer regardless.

Following the big bang, a debated point in history where everything in creation was made from a single point of energy so small that it didn't even have 3 dimensions suddenly expanding, 80% of our available materials were created in less then seconds. Blah blah blah, we humans suddenly come into play, never having been exposed to dinosaurs since they came far before our time. Humans evolved slowly, creating tools to complete actions that were necessary. And so physical tools were established, then came psychical science which allowed us to understand our world better. Then came theoretical and quantum science, which allowed us to create computers and technology. We lost our ability to live in the wild as the mammals we are.

Nature continues around us as we humans live in our own bubble full of nonissues such as politics, finances, etc. None of these things really matter at the end of the day since the sun will always shine (until it doesn't) and the grass will always grow. The earth will continue to grow in its own rhythm as we focus on problems that would easily not exist if we had the self-awareness that we assume those animals in the Natural Geographic videos lack. They perhaps do lack awareness of the comforts that we live, but they don't care about the NASDAQ or DOW, about who wins the American election, or the newest drug created to combat some malady. They simply exist, eat what they are hungry for and enjoy the benefits of not being in debt or having the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president (I know what my last article was about and it may make me a hypocrite, but god forbid he get in office).

Go camping. Enjoy the primal feeling of running through a forest. Walk among the swaying grass on a prairie, the wind refreshingly blowing in a comfortable manner on your skin while the sun lightly beams down upon you. Put down the phone and realize you are going to die one day. Whatever you are going to text, post, tweet or whatever doesn't matter, only your happiness does. The modern lifestyle of mankind has no true lasting happiness as it is all unnatural. Live like you truly want to, not like how everyone tells you you must.

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