How To Enjoy Climate Change
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How To Enjoy Climate Change

It starts with embracing that our planet is dying.

How To Enjoy Climate Change
Mendely Brainstorm

If you've gone outside within the past month or, at the very least, opened your weather app, you've probably noticed weather that could be easily summed up with the letters "WTF" -- obviously, "weather that freaks". I know that Michigan went from deep winter to spring to summer to winter in the span of a February week.

Comedy aside, that's a little ridiculous.

Luckily enough, I have the explanation: climate change, or, to put it a different way, Mother Nature is pissed we're trying to and succeeding in murdering her. Seeing as though a good attitude is the best attitude, though, I thought a guide to helping us enjoy climate change a bit would help while the world slowly sizzles.

1. Read a (science) book outside in the warm sun

While the weather is warm, take advantage of the day and read a nice book to educate yourself on historical events like the industrial revolution and the rise of green energy, or on the scientific fact that the earth is warming at an alarming rate.

Take in the pleasant breeze as you learn about how scientists have mapped out our planet's cyclical warming and cooling almost perfectly and can show that the temperature of our planet is drastically outside of those cycles.

Breathe in the smells of Spring during February as you learn that our dependence on fossil fuels is poisoning the planet and that green energy can at least fight the contamination as we seek out better solutions. What a wonderful day.

2. Enjoy the great, green outdoors (while you still can)

When the sun is shining, the forests show their true colors. The way the light filters through the leaves, illuminating the trees with whatever light doesn't pass into columns of light that stand on the green of the forest floor. A walk along the paths of trees becomes so much more when you close your eyes and listen to the symphony of the beautiful, chaotic calls of the wildlife.

Enjoy it then, because far too soon that music might stop. As climates change, environments change, leading organisms to fail in the home that they have developed to live within through centuries of evolution. Once one population gets thrown off, the balancing act of how animals interact in an environment gets thrown off, potentially destroying the nature we know and love until it gets rid of humanity's influence.

3. Go bathing suit shopping (because the sea is only getting closer)

A beach day can be a great day if you're prepared. So, as the ice caps of the world break apart and melt, you can watch as the global water levels rise and prepare for so many more beach days.

No need to worry about sharks as much, either; as the ocean's acidity rises, the corals and shellfish will start to disappear as it becomes harder to make a shell. This will throw off the balance of the aquatic ecosystems and take away the habitats of some sharks while it directly harms the physical capabilities of others. Fun for swimmers!

Also, taking a vacation to the coast will get that much easier, as it literally moves toward you over time. The planet is so accommodating.

4. Look up videos of cute, wild animals (that are or will be extinct)

When the weather swings towards being cold, again, the internet is there for you! Spend your cold days on the computer, watching videos of animals whose species is dying and/or being killed off during the sixth mass extinction in Earth's grand history. You should be honored, though; the last one was about 65.5 million years ago.

5. Tell those close to you that you love them (and show it by helping save their planet)

The best thing to do, rain or shine, is spend time with those you love. Take them to the beach or through the forest and show them all kinds of animals that inhabit this world. Show them how beautiful this world is.

Then educate them. Tell them that we're hurting the planet. Tell them that leaving lights on and over-using electricity just opens the door for more carbon dioxide to dissolve in the ocean and make it more acidic. Help each other get better at not being as wasteful in every aspect of living. Lead by example and find ways to reduce your footprint.

After all, this world will be inherited by those that come after us. Show your loved ones you care by doing what you can to save our lives on it. Just understand that, over time, the world will bounce back from whatever humans have done to it, but humans will not survive that wait. Help solve the problem by trying to reduce your impact and pushing others to do the same. Help us all live to see this incredible, vast, beautiful world for as long as we live.

It might feel wrong to fight the early Spring, but the alternative is so much worse.

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