How beautiful to have and give love even if it isn't returned? And how pure to love others when they show hate? The act of love is a gorgeous deed in itself, and the world should spread it's kindness more often. I am searching for an uncommon love in a world of strife. Far too quickly, it's easy to become filled with anger, greed, hatred, jealousy, or any other bitter emotion humans sometimes feel. I believe that to truly love others, you must first love yourself. Once you discover who you are at the root, and examine your whole being, then and only then, will your relationship with others begin to transform.

The problem is that a lot of people can't love themselves. With perfect celebrities and images of gorgeous super-models thrown at us daily, we get an idea in our head of what we think we need to look like. Our human desire for perfection fills us with the bizarre idea that we need to change who we are to fit in to society or be accepted.

But why don't you deserve love just the way you are?

Your physical appearance does not determine the amount of love you deserve. When you accept the fact that you can't change your features, and that you're actually wonderful just the way you are, it allows your love for yourself to grow and develop. When you realize that deep within yourself you are worthy, you begin to appreciate the beauty in others.

At first it may be difficult to train yourself to look for the good, but after a while it becomes habit, and a subconscious decision. Love is the essential most important conduct humans possess, and without love we are indifferent to the well-being of others. By giving love you lose nothing but hatred, and gain the happiness you produce in others. The Beatles were correct in saying, "All you need is love," because with love comes happiness, friendship, kindness, and passion. On occasion, love can bring about heart-break and pain, but with any good can come a little bad, any joy can bring a little sad, and any love can bring a little loss. The brief feeling of a raw, steadfast, unyielding love is emotion in its purest form. No matter where you commit your love, it will come pouring back to you in abundant amounts. By rewiring your inner being to run off love, your life will change in the most beautiful way. The actions of others does not determine the amount of love you should give them, and at times it can be hard to love those who have wronged you, but in the end the only actions you have power over are your own.

So give love and receive love. Spread love and feel love. Then, you become love.