We know it all too well. You love this person with every fiber of your being and you can't possibly imagine being wrapped up in someone else's arms, kissing someone else's lips goodnight. You talk about the future, talk about what your kids names would be, talk about the day you get to walk down the aisle and see him standing there, waiting for you. You see how perfect your families would fit together, and can't wait to officially be part of his one day. You start to see how you learned to love the things you didn't even like before. How you could actually picture yourself growing old in the town you so desperately wanted to escape from a few years ago. You gave him the world, and you talk about forever like you actually have control.

And then one day, you wake up, and suddenly he isn't the person you see a text from on your phone. Because it's over. You go through the grieving process of a breakup. Because it;s over. You ask yourself, why? How? What else could I have done to prevent this? Because it's over. You realize that you don't actually want to stay in this little town forever, because it's over. You put yourself first for once because you don't have to rely, depend, or answer to anyone else, because it's over.

But despite all of the emotions and thoughts and feelings that drive you wild from the minute your eyes open until the minute your eyes close for the night, you will be okay. You will be okay because even though you thought it was going to be forever, there is someone who is a thousand times much better for you than what you thought you had and wanted. There is someone who is going to wake up everyday and treat you like you put the stars in the sky every night and you make the sun rise every morning. There is someone who is going to give you endless random surprises even though you like to know everything, because they just want to see that crooked little smile on your face. There is someone out there who will dance in the rain with you, someone who wants to stay up until the sun rises just so they can learn every little detail of your mind and how it is wired. There is someone who will actually, truly, make you know that he is your forever, and you won't have a doubt about it.

So ladies, please, please wait for that man. Please wait for your real forever and please know that even in the midst of heartbreak, something and someone you could have only dreamed of is waiting for you out there. Please take the time to focus on yourself and learn more about yourself because this will be so important when you find your forever person. Please know that you are worth more than the heartbreak and devastation that your "forever" caused. But most importantly, please know that the wait will be worth it, and to never settle for anything less than being treated like the queen you are.