After Henry Spira took up a full page in the New York Times decrying why animals should not be tested on in 1980, campaigns sparked all over the world protesting the usage of animals in cosmetic testing. The most disturbing fact is that although the U.S Food and Drug Administration do not require it, the inhumane act it is still being consistently utilized.

In the past three decades, scientists have made immense progress in designing alternative methods that can detect harmful chemicals in cosmetics such as shampoo, makeup, soap, etc. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has even established a program known as “Tox21” where scientific tools of the 21st century are utilized to identify toxicity without the usage of animals, the most common being bunnies.

Arguably, Americans seem to make decisions by weighing the pros against the cons. In this case, the alternative technology testing is less time consuming, cheaper, and most importantly humane. Animal testing is extremely expensive, unpredictable, and cruel.

Therefore, animal testing is entirely unnecessary. If it is not required, and the benefits of alternative methods are far greater, why is there still cosmetic animal testing in America? By passing the Humane Cosmetics Act, (H.R 4148) Congress would be accentuating the need for more compassion towards animals, while instilling the knowledge that no living being deserves to be tortured for human ‘gain.’

Another fact to consider is that individuals are often ignorant in knowing which brands test and which do not, which is why consciousness is crucial. Additionally, there is this myth that cruelty-free products are more expensive and less effective, which is false.

Here are a few brands, most of which can be found in your local drugstore (and will not break the bank) that do not test on animals:

-Alba Botanica


-Bull Dog

-E.L.F Cosmetics

-Kiss My Face



-NYX Cosmetics

-Paul Mitchell

-Physicians Formula

-Too Faced

-Tarte Cosmetics

-Wet N Wild

Be conscious while you shop; beauty should not be painful to anyone!