Making Beautiful Things Out Of Dust
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Making Beautiful Things Out Of Dust

Stop pushing off dust, covering up scars, and hiding your fears.

Making Beautiful Things Out Of Dust

Dust is everywhere. It has become a hassle of life; a chore. We have started to wish dust away and push it off of hard surfaces with the attempt of getting rid of its markings.

We view dust as annoying, dirty, and meaningless yet dust represents life and opportunity. We were made out of dust. You were made out of dust.

What if we viewed dust through the eyes of God? What if we saw it as a building block to growth rather than a group of meaningless particles on top of ours televisions and fireplaces? What if we saw the chores and seemingly meaningless parts of life as opportunities waiting to be changed into something beautiful.

God makes beautiful things out of the hardships and struggles we face. Being human means being hurt, becoming brokenhearted, facing fear, growing old, and returning to the dust we were made out of. Yet being human means breathing, falling in love, making choices, exploring, and even being offered the choice to believe in more than life itself.

The literal definition of dust is the death of living particles which makes this statement of God making beautiful things out of dust even more inspiring and comforting. God literally turns death into life. He makes beautiful things out of destruction, pain, and tragedy.

We go through life wishing hard and painful experiences would yield to our lives and not leave its mark. We push off dust, cover up scars, and hide our fears.

Without the bad, however, how do we get the good? Take a moment to think about the best and worst parts of being human...

... You may even notice that some of these things are the best and the worst at the same time. Love, for example, can be both the best and worst parts of being human. In addition, fear can be seen as both as well. Fear limits but fear also encourages, helps us grow, pushes us to overcome, and produces adrenaline that makes us feel like we couldn't be more alive.

If you never had a bad day would your good days mean anything to you? If you never got broken hearted would you know what true love is? If you never felt fear would you ever appreciate safety? If you never failed would you ever try? If you never cried you would ever learn who would be there for you to dry your tears. If you never lost hope would you ever fully rely on God?

Now I am not saying to stop dusting on top of the bookshelves or the keys of the piano, but I encourage you to stop and notice that dust can be pushed off but not destroyed. You can not destroy the dust that builds up on you. In other words, you can not get rid of the past hardships you have experienced but you can begin to appreciate what those experiences bring. Those hard times have made you who you are. Without dust, we will never appreciate a beautiful shine.

When you fall, dust yourself off... but intentionally make beautiful things out of that situtation. Make yourself more beautiful because of the dust storms you've been through.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

When life gives you dust... make something beautiful.

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