Here Is The Key To Owning This New Year

Well, we all made it through the holidays! Congrats! Take a soothing breath and pat yourself on the back. You can put up the decorations and peek at your account after the holiday expenses; Clean up the guest rooms that got heavy use and clear your fridge of all the tempting diet-breaking treats. We are officially in that awkward Post-Holiday moment where we are feeling as though we have the new year clean slate, but we are also closing things from last year, all while preparing to head back to work or school or maybe both! Goodness! We stay busy and deal with so much. We can at times find ourselves in a massive slump. Though we have the hope of the new year, a certain pressure to be different and improved comes with that. I have found that one key thing helps me with my Post-Holiday-Get-Back-To-The-Grind Slump and that is Gratitude!

I know at this point, you may be squinting up your face or rolling your eyes, but stay with me for a moment! Our focus is a powerful thing. If we focus on our feelings that are swirling around us and dragging us down, it is likely that we will sink into the slump faster and with more vigor. What happens when we switch the mindset? What happens when we focus on how thankful we are in any circumstance? (Being someone who has practiced this) I can tell you, it makes it really difficult to feel down. I even tried it with others and in the space of others. What happened? It spread like wildfire. Suddenly, we were so happy with how far we had come and felt encouraged to move forward. We were so excited! We kissed our slump goodbye and welcomed in our thankfulness and focus for the new year. What's even better is that this mindset is infectious. When you help one or two or even ten people shift their mindset they walk around all day shifting the mindset of others.

This transfer of gratitude is a great feeling and you may need to be the catalyst for the change of energy within your friends or family. I hope that you give gratitude and bust the slump! To practice what I preach: I am thankful for you reading this and being yourself.

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