what to pack in a beach bag

Since it is now officially summer, beach trips are upon us. Packing a bag for the beach can be a struggle so it is great to use a simple checklist to make sure you have all the items you will need to make your trip to the beach simple to pack for. Below are some must-haves that everyone will need at the beach.



Cancer is not cute so make sure you always remember to pack sunscreen and re apply throughout the day.

Earphones or Speaker


Depending on if your going with friends or not listening to music while at the beach is a great way to stay relaxed.

Towel or Blanket


Because does every part of your body need to collect sand? If you bring a blanket you may even consider taking a nap out by the water!



Beach bags are my favorite summer time essential as well as beach essential because what else would you use to carry all your stuff in when going to the beach?



If you've tried to put on shorts and a T-shirt after being in a wet bathing suit all day you know the struggle and how long it takes to get yourself situated. Instead at the end of a long beach day just throw on your cover-up over your wet bathing suit!



Along with sunscreen a hat is great to give you the shade you need. Plus wearing your favorite sports team or school as a hat is an amazing conversation starter!



Beach hair can be a struggle so a brush is always great to have to tame your hair.



Grab your favorite pair of shades to protect your eyes!

Water Bottle


Staying hydrated while in he sun all day is key!

Go grab your bags and head to the beach today!

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