Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful
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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

"Beauty is not caused. It is." Emily Dickinson

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Look in the mirror. If you aren't by a mirror, take a look in a reflective surface. If you can't even do that, take a moment to close your eyes and picture yourself. You should see something. You should see your face--a face filled with many emotions. Your eyes tell a story. They express when you're happy and when you're not. They release information to others with or without you realizing it. You see those freckles, those dimples, or even those spots of acne. Those are a part of who you are. Now take a look at your nose. Maybe it's a little too big for your liking, or maybe it's too small. Glance at or imagine those ears. Are they big, small, or different sizes? No matter what it is, it is you. They make you YOU, someone who is is talented, funny, serious, emotional, sincere, shy, courageous, or any multitude of characteristics. They compose the face of someone who is beautiful.

Each person is unique. We each have our own strengthens, weaknesses, talents, and insecurities. Some of us might excel at many things, the same things that make even simple tasks challenging for others. Beauty isn't limited to just appearance; it can also be the ways in which we conduct ourselves or set out to accomplish tasks. So why is there always the notion of trying to create the "one, perfect, beautiful, person?" For if we are all unique, are we not then beautiful in our own ways? Why do we have to be the same?

We might find flaws in our appearance, or we aren't happy with the way that we find certain things difficult. These thoughts have the possibility of ensnaring our mind and heart into thinking that we aren't beautiful, either based on appearance, skills, or both. Every time you find yourself thinking of something that you don't like about yourself, no matter what it may be, tell yourself that you are beautiful. Don't become discouraged about things, rather, find the beauty that is you. Find it, embrace it, and live it.

Behind every face is a story. Inside every heart is a desire. Within every person are feelings of confidence and insecurities. Be your own kind of beautiful.

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