From the time I was born and developed an overwhelming personality I have always been described as "independent" and "headstrong." I have always loved me and everything about me including my overwhelming personality, but occasionally there have been some difficulties that came along with who I am. One of these includes relationships.

When you are independent and know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, codependent relationships aren't something that blends easily with you.

I have been through a lot in my short life and a lot of things have changed along the years, but the one thing that will always remain the same is my ability to take care of myself.

When you find the strength to pull yourself out of your own darken and depressed mind and see that no one helped you in your most dire-needing moments, you realize the only person you have and need, is yourself.

So why would I want to be with someone who would rather me need them than want them? Why would I put myself in a situation where I can't physically survive without the presence of another person? The answer is I wouldn't.

In life, the only person you can ever truly count on is yourself. Everyone knows their own body, mind, and world better than any other person. No matter how much you tell someone else about you, you always know yourself best. It's just a fact.

When you are with someone because you need them then you rely on them in some kind of way. No matter if it is needing them to support you financially, or needing them so you have someone to talk to, or needing them to love you, in some way shape or form you need them for something and life couldn't continue without them.

But when you are with someone because you want them, it creates a healthier relationship.

When someone is codependent on another person it is as if one person is "leeching" off of the other. When a leech latches onto its host, it sucks the blood out of the host to feed its own body with no regard for the host. Many people have it in their minds that they need someone to survive and need someone to love them and need someone who needs them. But you don't need anyone but yourself.

If you properly take care of yourself, you will truly understand yourself and will be able to find someone that truly compliments who are and not someone that you depend on or who depends on you.

When you are with someone that wants you it means they are choosing you; choosing to be with you, choosing to love you, choosing to live life with you each and every day.

But if you are with someone that you need, it means you are stuck with them, it means that if something ever happened to them, the world would physically stop and life would cease to exist; it would be over.

But why give someone that much power over yourself? It's your life and you control how it is lived and you don't need anyone to live life how you want to.