It's the most wonderful time of the year... right? Not if you work in retail. It is the time of the year that us retail workers dread because everyone is always so rude and miserable. Trying to make it through a shift in retail during the holidays is dreadfully long. So as it becomes that time of the year again of Christmas shopping for loved ones, please be nice to the people behind the cash registers and on the sales floor. We are people too.

Retail workers have feelings too, so the next time you are demanding them to mark something down because of a small spec of dirt that we can't control, and you lose your temper with us, remember we are people with feelings that sometimes we can't control. I know we are supposed to shake it off and move on, but sometimes people can't control their emotions because of how the customer interacted with us our instinct is to break down. I try not to let it get to me, but it runs me down.

So I ask you of this: please be nice to the cashier folding your clothes, and the worker helping you find the best possible present for your friends and family, because some of us work from Black Friday to Christmas Eve for you last minute shoppers. Working in retail has taught me a lot of patience and confidence with dealing with all walks of people in world. I ask you this please be kind so we won't become emotional and let the customers take advantage of us. So the lesson is please be patient.