10 Frank Reynolds Quotes To Live By

10 Frank Reynolds Quotes To Live By

The star of "It's Always Sunny of Philadelphia," Danny DeVito, puts on a stunning portrayal as Frank Reynolds, and it's one that we'd all be better off emulating.


Frank Reynolds is who we aspire to be, but fail to have the courage.

Why? What makes Frank, Frank?

One can argue his size, another can argue his gun, but I like to think it's his "can-do" attitude. As a father to Dennis and Dee, he spends all of his free time hanging out with them and their friends, rather than doing normal things that 60 year-old adults do. He hangs with the 30 somethings and thrives, funding their schemes and making their dreams become a reality.

What does Frank get out of it, other than banging whores? A lifetime of thrills. Here are some quotes by Frank Reynolds that everybody should try to live by.

1. "I don't know how many years on this Earth I got left, I'm gonna get real weird with it."  

Words to live by by Frank Reynolds. We see how Frank lives, dressing as a man-cheetah and pulling off various schemes with his vast wealth. Who says money is for mansions and jet skis? I like the idea of running elaborate scams and running "get rich quick" schemes for the rest of my life.

2. "I'm gonna whip this little bitch in the face if she makes a peep."

When the gang breaks into a home and the homeowners unexpectedly arrive, they are forced to hide in the home, with Frank hiding in a little girl's room. He has an Indiana Jones style whip, because the plot of — you know what whatever, just watch the show. Only Danny DeVito can utter these words and not leave pretty much everybody morally offended.

That's Frank for ya, though. He doesn't care if you're a man or a woman, black or white, old or young — he wants to use everybody of every race to his advantage, and no matter who you are, if you get in Frank's way, you're going down.

3. "Woops!  I dropped my monster condom that I use for my magnum dong."

Chivalry is dead? Not to Frank Reynolds. He does the lady a service by not only giving her a heads up about the size of his member, but also by inserting his belief in using protection.

4. "I'm the trash man!"

Who doesn't want to see a 60 year old man beat people with trash cans and then eat the garbage? And just for our amusement. What a guy. The troops would love it.

5. "Your mother is dead! HA!"

While some people grieve over the loss of loved ones, Frank Reynolds smokes cigars and drinks champagne. Isn't that what they would want? For us to carry on and live our lives? I for one find this much more soothing than a funeral.

6. "I don't wanna be his friend, I wanna shoot him in the face." 

We live in heightened times in this country, when gun control is the center of major controversy. If there were more careful individuals, such as Frank Reynolds, there would clearly be less of a debate.

7. "I'll give ya fifty bucks if you drink soup outta my shoe. And take your top off."

He went on to up his offer to $500, which isn't bad for a few minutes of work. Frank spreading his wealth at his finest. It's a rough economy out there.


Company Christmas parties suck. But imagine if a naked guy came busting out of a couch? Now that's a party.

9. "This is ham, soaked in rum."

So much this. No explanation needed.

10. "Go for it, go for it

A perfect note to end on. Motivational words from Frank Reynolds. Go for it in life, do whatever you want. Whether you want to run for President of the United States or snort coke off a bartop, the world is your oyster. Eat it.

There are oh so many more moments that contribute to who Frank is, but this is the sum of it. He's a short, bored man with a magnum dong and a sizable bank account. He enjoys the little things, like shooting his gun at people and using others to his advantage. Frank usually comes out on top, always having a backup scheme up his sleeve. If it weren't for Frank, I would've never learned the art of making a sandwich in my mouth, I would've stuck to the old ways of using two pieces of bread.

Who wants to live that way? I don't want to live in a world without sandwiches being made in my mouth, just like I don't want to live in a world without Frank Reynolds.

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1. "Don't tell me how knew it would be like this all along" — Emotionless

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2. "My mentions are jokes, but they never give me the facts" — Talk Up

This one's for my haters.

3. "I wanna thank God for workin' way harder than Satan" — Elevate

For when you're feeling blessed.

4. "I promise if I'm not dead then I'm dedicated" — March 14

In Drake's story about his son the world knows about now, we get a lyric of true love and dedication

5. "My Mount Rushmore is me with four different expressions" — Survival

6. "Pinky ring 'til I get a wedding ring" — Nonstop

7. "I gotta breathe in real deep when I catch an attitude" — 8 Out of 10

This first line of the song is about to be spread on the gram like a wildfire

8. "Heard all of the talkin', now it's quiet, now it's shush" — Mob Ties

9. "California girls sweeter than pieces of candy" — Sandra's Rose

This is gonna have every girl who has ever stayed in Cali all hot and heavy, watch it.

10. "I think you're changing your mind, starting to see it in your eyes" — Summer Games

Y'all know how these summer games go

11. "Look the new me is really still the real me" — In My Feelings

When you've got to profess that you've changed 200%

12. "Only beggin' that I do is me beggin' your pardon" — Is There More

13. "Shifted your focus, lens lookin' jaded" — Jaded

14. "Back and forth to Italy, my comment section killin' me" — Can't Take a Joke

Necessary for when you've got people hyping you up already

15. "People are only as tough as they phone allows them to be" — Peak

Y'all can't have this one, I'm stealing it

16. "Work all winter, shine all summer" — That's How You Feel

Put in the work so you can flex on 'em, summer 18

17. "Blue faces, I got blue diamonds, blue tint, yeah" — Blue Tint

18. "I stay busy workin' on me" — Elevate

19. "Ten of us, we movin' as one" — Talk Up

The perfect reason to get the largest group picture you've had on your gram

20. "October baby for irony sake, of course" — March 14

This statistically applies to 1/12 of y'all reading this, so take that as you will (we October babies are the best)

21. "She had an attitude in the summer but now she nice again" — Blue Tint

22. "I know you special girl 'cause I know too many" — In My Feelings

23. "Gotta hit the club like you hit them, hit them, hit them angles" — Nice for What

24. "She said 'Do you love me?' I tell her, 'Only partly,' I only love my ____ and my ____ I'm sorry" — God's Plan

If you haven't used this one yet, get to it

25. "But I'm blessed I just checked, hate me never met me in the flesh" — I'm Upset

26. "It's only good in my city because I said so" — 8 Out of 10

Follow this up with a location and shoutout your hometown

27. "My haters either on they way to work or they arrived" — Can't Take a Joke

28. "I always need a glass of wine by sundown" — Final Fantasy

Has Drake ever been more relatable?

29. "It's your f***in' birthday. Happy birthday" — Ratchet Happy Birthday

Let's go get kicked out of an Applebee's

30. "I move through London with the Eurostep" — Nonstop

31. "I stopped askin' myself and I started feelin' myself" — Survival

Mood all summer 18

32. "They keep tryna' get me for my soul" — I'm Upset

33. "I'm tryna see who's there on the other end of the shade" — Emotionless

34. "Only obligation is to tell it straight" — Elevate

35. "It don't matter to me what you say" — Don't Matter to Me

This line from the King of Pop (MJ) will give you chills. R.I.P.

36. "I'm the chosen one, flowers never pick themselves" — Sandra's Rose

37. "Say you'll never ever leave from beside me" — In My Feelings

Couple goals, amirite?

Cover Image Credit:

@champagnepapi / Instagram

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If Any Of These 11 Things Apply To You, You Should Follow Lauren Elizabeth

"Hello beautiful human beings of the internet...I'm Lauren Elizabeth!"


While some influencers paint a pretty picture of their lives on social media, Lauren Elizabeth keeps it real.

I am very new to the YouTube scene. I have never been one to "subscribe" and follow vloggers. However, my friend recently introduced me to Lauren Elizabeth and I can't help but enjoy watching her videos!

Lauren Elizabeth is a social media influencer who lives in LA. She shares her life through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. While letting you in on her daily life, she gives great advice on health, fashion and more.

Lauren Elizabeth brought me into the YouTube scene. Could she do this to you? If any of the following things apply to you, you would definitely benefit from following Lauren Elizabeth.

1. You are a girl

Aside from the fact that she constantly talks about feminine topics, Lauren Elizabeth is open about women's health. She is not afraid to talk about embarrassing subjects and share her personal experiences as a woman.

2. You are a fashion guru

After one look at her Instagram, you will know that Lauren Elizabeth has great style. Thankfully, she has her own line of clothing called XLE. Her line, unlike other celebrity clothing lines, is affordable!

3. You are a home decor guru

After a recent move, Lauren has shown off her decorating skills by doing constant walkthroughs of her new house. She also has her own home decor line, FEEL by LE.

4. You are a dog lover

She has two dogs: Stella and Nugget. They both make appearances on her Instagram and YouTube.

5. You are someone who deals with mental illness

She is very open about her journey to health —physical and mental — and has created a positive and open conversation. If you need someone positive in your life, Lauren Elizabeth will be a good follow.

6. You are looking for new healthy living tips

Like I said, she is very open about her health story. She is constantly posting healthy living tips that work for her!

7. You are an avid YouTube watcher


If you are ALREADY in the YouTube world, you should definitely click over to Lauren Elizabeth's channel. She has a wide variety of content and I am confident that there is something for you.

8. You are someone who likes easy makeup

Lauren Elizabeth is not the normal makeup vlogger. Like normal people, she likes easy makeup. All of her makeup tutorials are easy to replicate and keep you looking naturally pretty!

9. You are a skincare fanatic

I was blind to the world of skincare until I followed Lauren Elizabeth. In her videos, she lets you in on her skincare routines and products and how they actually help her skin.

10. You are looking for a new #Girlboss to look up to

By having her own product lines, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with her social media presence, Lauren Elizabeth is the ultimate #girlboss that we can all relate to.

11. You are in need of a positive person in your life


The thing that I love most about following Lauren Elizabeth, is that she is constantly positive. Her videos are the perfect way to wind down from a stressful day!

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