Be Kind to Your Local Service Employees
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Be Kind to Your Local Service Employees

The Truth about working a service job

Be Kind to Your Local Service Employees
Paige Steward

Customers are always publicly talking about the poor service they received,meanwhile, staff members rarely talk about how poorly they are treated by the customers. I’m here to address what it’s like on the opposite end. Personally, I’m currently employed at a fast food franchise that resides within my local mall. Therefore, I’ve seen and received my fair share of rude comments and unforgiving glares.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not here to justify poor customer service, there are no excuses for that. I’m simply there to bring awareness to all of the hard workers that are taken for granted and mistreated by customers.

Now, I get inconvenience that comes when your wanted item is out of stock. It’s annoying I know, but I beg of you, please, have mercy on the employees. For we are not here to spite you, but to serve you. We don’t wake up every morning and think of ways to sabotage all those who walk into the establishment. If anything were thinking of ways to get the job done quicker, so we can leave. Next time something goes slightly wrong, please keep the condescending remarks to yourself, we’re just trying to help. Our salary does not cover the amount of sass and shade that is mercilessly thrown at us. Nor does our insurance cover the verbal abuse we receive on the daily. All I ask is that you are courteous and patient with the staff members, we have feelings too, you know.

And to my fellow service employees of America, remember to stand strong. Whether you’re a waitress, a sales associate, or cashier at your local Subway, I know your struggle. I know the anxiety that comes with the lunch rush, and the demand for speedy service during the dinner wave. To all the McDonald's employees that have to break the news about the broken ice cream machine, I feel your pain. I’ve seen the eye roll, I’ve heard the scoff, and I can identify the look of superficial disappointment in the blink of an eye. My best advice to you would to be to try and combat the snobby remark with a smile, and whatever you do don’t fire back. I’m here to tell you to hang in there, for payday will roll through sooner than you think, and all of your work related trauma will ~hopefully~ soon subside.

I would like to thank all those who walk into the building with a smile, truly. Not only does it it help our shift go by faster, but it also helps release the built up tension from a high demand customer. Remember, a thank you goes a long way. Feel free to shoot us a compliment as well, our egos take a real beating after the lunch rush.

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