It's August and the first day of school is right around the corner. Retailers are stocking their shelves full of school supplies for the upcoming year. Sometimes when seeing all of the school supplies together it's hard to analyze what you actually need and what you might need. So before you go back-to-school shopping, make a list of everything you need. Depending on what classes you're taking, your supplies list may vary. However, there are basic school essentials that everyone needs for their education. Here is my list of basic school essentials with recommendations.

1. A sturdy backpack

Some people get new backpacks every year and others get new backpacks when they need. Whatever the preference is, you'll want it to last until you're done with it.

2. Notebooks

The 5-subject notebooks are my go-to.

3. A planner

Get a planner and use it. Write down all of your assignments so you will always be aware of the due date.

4. Pens/ Pencils

Get a pack of your favorite pens and pencils so you'll always have an extra.

5. Binder

For textbooks, assignments, or notes, a binder will keep all of your work organized and easily accessible.

6. File box

Keep your old papers in a file box until you no longer need them. This will help cut down on paper cluttering your work space.

7. Headphones

Headphones are an essential item for school. Listening to music while walking to class or doing homework makes the task a little more enjoyable.

8. Gum

You never know when you'll need some gum.

9. A watch

Some classrooms don't have clocks and most instructors don't like it when their students are on their phone. Wearing a watch is a perfect way to always know the time.

Post-it flags

10. Perfect for marking problems or important information in school work.

11. Stapler

You can find a stapler almost anywhere, but if you have your own stapler, you won't have to search for one when you need it.