There's nothing I love more than a day spent at the ballpark. It doesn't matter whether it's rain or shine, gale forced winds or not even the slightest breeze, I'm in my happy place. Baseball was something I was once oblivious too, and now I can't imagine life without it. It's a sport that can teach live lessons to all.

As I sit and watch I learned many things over the years, some days just baseball terminology and others things much larger in the scheme of life. Baseball is a tough sport and not for the weak, just as life. You must be prepared for every pitch, every run and single move you make. It's a sport that requires that not only physical ability but mental ability as well. Every player must be aware of the play and where the ball is going but also get the ball there at the same time. When they step into the batters' box, it's always a battle, a battle between the pitcher and a battle between their minds. It's a battle that's 10% physical and 90% mental.

Watching the players on the field is a metaphor for life. You never know what is coming next in life. Will it be a good pitch right down the plate? Will luck be on your side on that risky bunt? It all depends on how much effort you put forth. Sometimes luck is on your side and you make it with ease. Other times you're not so lucky. But still that doesn't stop you, because just as when you're out in baseball and life knocks you down, you get back to the plate and stand back up and you fight. You put up the biggest fight of your life because you will win that battle. And in just one moment everything can change. One small move, either good or bad can completely change the outcome.

Baseball may just seem to be a game beloved by our nation, but to some it's so much more. It's an insight in life, a physical example of the struggle, the rise and the victory, because as long as you fight in life you'll always be victorious.