Honoring José Fernández

On Sunday the baseball community was shaken by the tragic loss of 24-year-old Marlin's ace José Fernández.

The MLB community has wrapped its collective arms around the Marlin's organization in love. An outpouring of prayers and well-wishes has filled the twitter pages of teams and players alike. While the Marlin's understandably canceled their game against the Braves today, other teams around the nation have taken a moment of silence to honor the loss of one of their own.

So what now? Where do we, as lovers of the game, go?

Do we continue ahead, forgetting this happened? No. We take the loss of our own and remember the fragility of each of our lives.

We live braver, love bigger, and play harder.

In all of this, we each have access to the amazing hope found in Christ. He came to this world to take on our sins so we could live in freedom in Him. He knows the sting of death, as John 11:35 says so concisely, "Jesus wept."

He gets it, but He also knows of the indescribable hope ahead for His followers. His death gives us life. While things in this sinful world happen that make no sense to us, the Lord has a plan. While the loss of José Fernández at such a young age is incomprehensible, it serves as a reminder of life's fragility. We must live each day we are given to honor God and tell others about His incredible love.

Death is not the end for those of us who follow the Lord. As 1 Cor 15:55 says, "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" I am also convinced that once we are in heaven, baseball will continue.

"Is this Iowa?" someone will say.

"No, it's heaven," Christ will respond as he throws the perfect fastball.

Keep the family and the friends of José Fernández and the Miami Marlin's organization in your prayers through this difficult time. As information comes out about the accident, prayer for peace for the family and grace for those who are prone to judge.

In all of it, pray for the Lord to be Honored through this tragedy.

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