'Barry' Is The Next HBO Show To Watch
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HBO's 'Barry' Can Help You Get Over The 'Game Of Thrones' Blues

As hard as it may be, "Barry" can help you move on.

HBO's 'Barry' Can Help You Get Over The 'Game Of Thrones' Blues

I was getting worried about HBO. After this season of 'Game of Thrones' is finished, I thought there would be no other show on the network that would make me resubscribe.

That thought went away when I finally saw an episode of "Barry."

I knew nothing about the show when I randomly stumbled across it. After watching the first season and much of the second season I can safely say that HBO has another gem on their hands, and I will be coming back for more HBO once "Game Of Thrones" finishes its run.

One thing I like a lot about the show is the premise.

In short, the show tells the story of a hit-man named Barry (Bill Hader) who wants to become an actor. On the journey of his now double life, so many interesting characters pop up along the way. Barry has to deal with the criminal underworld alongside his new acting companions. On paper, these two communities should be very different from each other. The show proves, however, that the world of acting and killing are very similar to one another.

"Barry" is full of surprises from the pilot episode, and continues to get better as each new character is introduced and storylines are fleshed out.

As of right now, my favorite episode is the one called "Ronny/Lilly." This episode premiered in the same weekend as "Avengers: Endgame" and GOT's "The Battle Of Winterfell" episode. "Endgame" was a great watch, but the dazzle was something that I expected. "The Battle of Winterfell" was a great episode, but it left me feeling underwhelmed.

"Ronny/Lilly," meanwhile, exceeded my expectations and had me impressed for every second of the episode. That is saying something as "Barry" is only in its second season.

HBO has a problem in the next year. "Game of Thrones" has become a household name in this last decade. People who do not watch the show are seen as "out of the loop" in the realm of television. With this season being the last, HBO has a great void to fill when it finally finishes.

However, "Barry" gives me hope that there will be even more great television coming from HBO. "Chernobyl" is another upcoming show that piques my interest as well. It seems as though HBO has won me over yet again.

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