7 Songs That Will Make Any College Students 'Bad Days' Better
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7 Songs That Will Make Any College Students 'Bad Days' Better

These songs will make any bad day at college just a little bit better.

7 Songs That Will Make Any College Students 'Bad Days' Better

My bad days consist of less to no motivation, thirst for adventure in what I could be doing outside of Iowa City, and a need for finding goals and purpose for the time and money that I am spending on higher education.

My personality, like many others, is go go go, always on the move and looking forward for the the next thing in life. These songs remind me to take a step back and slow down. They remind me that I am going to school not only to get the degree for a solid career, but simply to better my intelligence and further my education in areas that I am passionate in.

Disclaimer - If you’re looking for songs that feed your crummy mood, this is not the playlist for you. This is a playlist of inspiring music that feeds creativity and will hopefully excite you, motivate you, and cure your temporary mood.

1. Pink Skies - LANY

LANY has a way with lyrics. They are so intracuit in describing such a specific situation that it is relatable which takes talent to connect with listeners like this. In a good way, they force you into visualization of yourself living the life that they are imagining. Give this a listen and you will understand my attempt at communicating LANY’s geniusness.

2. Coaster - Khalid

We all need a little Khalid in our lives. This song was technically written about a relationship, but I look at it related to life, especially at this 18-25 age. We all have no clue what we are doing so “riding a roller coaster through it all” is a perfect description.

3. Wish you the best - blackbear, Stalking Gia

Here is one to bring out the sass in you. What turns my mood around? Reminding myself that I’m badass, that I’m strong and independent, and that the people who choose to ditch our friendship or don’t put the effort into whatever sort of relationship we have need me more than I need them. It’s not being conceded, everyone needs to hype themselves up every once in a while.

4. Feels Great - Cheat Codes, CVBZ, Fetty Wap

This song is one to roll your windows down to. We need to let loose every now and then. Imagine your happy place and listen to this to feel uplifted and refreshed.

5. Helium - Sia

To slow it down a bit, Sia does a beautiful job of illustrating how worn out we get trying to do everything on our own. Us college students can 1000% relate. There are times when I am so focused on school that I realize after a few days, wow I need human interaction. This song talks about how there will be times you try to be too independent but it reminds us to lean on people when you need them because that is what we are all here for.

6. Anxiety - Trey Schafer

I don’t think this one needs too much explanation. Here is one to make you care less about whatever you are stressing about. Listen to understand.

7. Live Your Life - T.I., Rihanna

First of all, any song from the mid 2000s puts me in a good mood because it takes me back to the easier times. Second of all, this song is an anthem. “Live your life” because it is yours and you can do whatever… seriously whatever… you want to do with it.

Okay, I hope you’re in a better mood now. If you have another down day, there may be a part two to this. Go be amazing kiddos.

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