Going back to school can be hard, but if you ever need something to get you through each day, just listen to some Billie Eilish songs.

1. “Like a hostage” - Hostage

School starts to take over your life again and you feel as if you are being held captive by your essays, your exams, and your professors. Starting up classes again can make you feel like a hostage.

2. "You really know how to make me cry" - Ocean Eyes

Due dates, early mornings, late nights, timed quizzes, research papers, and group projects. These are all things that really know how to make me cry.

3. "What an expensive fate" - Bellyache

That amazing feeling when that lovely tuition bill comes around and you get to see all the expenses that have to be paid. Degrees don't come cheap.

4. "Books don't make sense if you read 'em backwards" - Party Favor

I mean, she's not wrong. If you thought reading your Organic Chemistry textbook backward would help you understand it better, you thought wrong.

5. "If I could get to sleep, I would have slept by now" -Watch

Trust me, if we wanted to sleep, we would have by now. Once school starts, sleeping, unfortunately, becomes optional and late nights become the norm. There is no such thing as a sleep schedule. You work until you want to pass out, and even then, you just have to drink a 24-ounce coffee from WaWa and keep working.

6. "If you need me, wanna see me, Better hurry 'cause I'm leaving soon" - Listen Before I Go

Better talk to me now before school begins because once the semester rolls around, it's unlikely that you will see or hear from me until winter break.

7. "Honestly, I thought that I would be dead by now" -Bury a Friend

To be honest, I can't believe I made it this far in school. If school hasn't destroyed me yet, I guess I must be doing something right then.

8. "Don't ask questions, you don't wanna know. Learned my lesson way too long ago" -My Strange Addiction

Don't ask the professor a question. You don't want to know the answer. The rest of the class doesn't want to know the answer. Either ask your question later on your own time or just figure it out on your own. Don't be that person who prevents everyone else from getting out of class early just because you had to ask a question that has already been answered 100 times before. You will become very unpopular very quickly.

9. "Where's my mind" - Bellyache

I have no idea. Good luck finding it. School can make you feel like you are going insane.

10. "Wait a minute, let me finish, I know you don't care" - 8

This is the thought of most professors. While students are packing up their laptops and notebooks to leave for the day, the professor isn't done with their lecture and they just want to finish, even though they know a lot of students don't actually care and just want to leave.

11. "So I think I better go, I never really know how to please you, You're looking at me like I'm see-through" - 8

That glorious feeling of when you are talking to your professor and realize how dumb you must sound to them and how they probably know it, too.

12. "Ten fingers tearing out my hair"- Wish You Were Gay

College is stressful and can make you go crazy. You'll want to rip out your hair out of frustration.

13. "What is it about them? I must be missing something, They just keep doing nothing"- Xanny

Group projects are never enjoyable, mostly because you always get stuck in a group with people who do nothing. You do all the work, get an A for the whole group, and question how all your group members managed to do absolutely no work.