Back To School COVID-19 Style
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Student Life

Back To School COVID-19 Style

In all my years of parenting, I have never had to face this kind of problem for my children.

Back To School COVID-19 Style

At what cost will we go to put our children in harm's way for economic purposes? That is one of the questions that I find hard to see an answer. As a taxpayer and a parent that no longer has school-age children I have a tiny horse in this race however, I believe maybe we all have a right to voice our opinions and hope someone is listening. The health of our future is at stake and everyone must realize COVID-19 does not care if a student comes from a Democratic, Republican, or Independent family.

During a press conference at the white house, the president's press secretary stated, "Science should not stand in the way of schools reopening, the president wants the schools open and all children back in the classroom." These words have echoed on news cycles and social media since she uttered them. No one at the white house has retracted that statement.

The current administration is too worried about tell-all books, our relationship with China, Joe Biden, and "the strongest economy ever." The president has been using the rose garden as a platform rambling incoherently about topics that do not affect anyone but the old man talking. How and why the reports sat through such a false narrative of politics is beyond my comprehension. I would have removed myself within the first few minutes of the rant and let FOX News put a spin on it.

I asked several people in my close isolated circle with children or spouses who are teachers to give me their ideas, opinions, and expectations of this disaster unfolding. As for the parents of school-age children the comments ranged from, if I must go back to work, I have no choice then to send my children back to school.

However, the teachers have come to realize the children's education comes second to the use of their presences as a daycare worker or high paid nanny. The school is no longer an institution of learning but a second home to boys and girls of working parents. These children get their breakfast and lunches there and are disciplined as well as at times giving unconditional love their parents forget to give due to the stresses of today's society.

Some parents agreed if a parent can stay home with their children and the home school they should opt-out for the sake of the parents and children that have no other choice. There is a common goal for all parents that their child's health comes first and worry of a spread that may come from an innocent bystander. We all know that putting a group of children together and expecting them to social distance and make safe choices it virtually impossible. Remember these children haven't been around each other for at least six months. They can't touch each other; they can't share food or toys. They must stay at their desk with a barrier, eat lunch there, and in some cases might have to wear a mask all day.

I get that parents are at odds with their local government. It isn't an easy decision for anyone. There are so many variables to this dilemma. I recommend each city take look at the funding that was sent during the CARES Act. Ask their governor why they are banking that money and not handing it over to the cities that need funding to get their schools not only COVID ready but ready for any other infection or danger that might invade our schools.

My final thought, for all those non-mask parents that don't believe there is a pandemic. How about we open a special school for your children? However, when the virus does happen to make its way into your denial there will be a medical specialist that will treat you and your children without judgment, but the rest of us mask wearers will be doing the judging.

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