The fall semester has arrived and so have students at their universities. There's a lot of pressure to land good jobs and research opportunities, get good grades, and maintain your mental health. But we all get a little freaked out at times. And some of us are more anxious than others. If you get nervous in ridiculous situations like me, you may relate to these 10 fears anxious people have in college.

1. Seeing people you vaguely know around campus

And having to give them your highly rehearsed spiel about what you did over the summer.

2. Seeing people you know well around campus

Not limited to people you vaguely know, anxiety can creep up on you even when you're around your closest friends. Overbearing thoughts have no mercy.

3. First day introductions/icebreakers

No matter how old you get, you might always fear the first day of class introductions and icebreakers. The massive pressure to come up with one fact about yourself and quickly respond to a potential spontaneous question about that fun fact plagues your heart. When your mind is so focused on that one fact, you panic when you have to come up with... more words.

4. Acting like a normal human being during class

Every semester, you may have these overwhelming feelings that you want to be the coolest, funniest, and most confident person in the class. But when that inevitably backfires, you look like a babbling idiot trying to give a two-word answer to your professor.

5. Ordering food

If you're soft spoken like me, ordering food is quite the dilemma, especially in loud and crowded dining halls.

6. Participation grade

Whether it's raising your hand in class or mustering up the courage to go to office hours, your participation grade suffers because of your fear of getting things wrong or talking one-on-one with your professor.

7. Having people tell you, "You look so relaxed"

Less of a fear and more of something that tickles your peach because at least you don't look as nervous as you feel. As Eminem put it, "He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready."

8. Deadlines

Wow, I almost forgot about how stress-inducing college can be. Due dates on due dates are coming for your ass this semester.

9. Going to events/parties

Ah yes, forced socialization to feel better about yourself.

10. All of your current life decisions

Everything you do now will kind of effect what you'll be doing for the rest of your life. If you don't have things figured out, then that might be something to feel uneasy about.