I don’t know about you, but whenever I walk into an elevator with strangers, it is always really uncomfortable. Almost everyday people embrace the awkward when getting into an elevator. The natural response is to look at the floor, the ceiling, or your phone. Those 2 to 3 minutes that you are stuck in a small space with a complete stranger are moments we all dread.

Whenever I get into an elevator and I am alone, I start dance around...because why not?

But what do you do when you are in an elevator with others? It is always super awkward!

Here are a few challenges to make your elevator experience more enjoyable.

Take a group selfie with everyone in the elevator! Say cheese!

Offer gum to everyone in the elevator.

When everyone walks into the elevator shake their hand and introduce yourself.

Say “I’m wearing new socks” and watch people’s response.

Ask everyone how their day is going.

Ask everyone what their favorite app is on their phone.

If all buttons have been pressed quote Elf.

“It’s so pretty. Like a Christmas tree”.

If the elevator makes an odd sound or movement check to see if you have food and water to survive if trapped.

Speak in a different accent.

As siri random questions: What is your favorite color? Will I die alone? Why is a firetruck red?

Activities to do with friends in an elevator:

Start making farm animal sounds.

Face the back wall.

Play rock, paper, scissors.

Break out singing, and start a mini dance party.

High five everyone when entering and leaving the elevator.

Happy elevator riding!