Autumn is just a short time away and I'm incredibly excited. When I think of all the reasons why I love fall, I try to even it out and think of some reasons why another season might be better, but I can't. Some of these reasons are student-specific, like new school supplies and classes, but others can be universally enjoyed, like seasonal Starbucks drinks and Halloween. But here are the reasons why autumn is absolutely magnificent.

1. The weather

Fall is like the Goldilocks season: summer is too hot and winter is too cold, but fall is just right. While this isn't true everywhere, it's definitely true in New York. The same could be said about spring, but does spring have Halloween? No.

2. Halloween

Sure, you could dress up as Wilma Flintstone any day of the year, but that's kind of odd and you're going to get some looks. But on Halloween, you'll get looks if you don't dress up! And while it's less and less acceptable to do this as we grow older, the whole concept of Halloween is to get free candy. Also, Halloweentown!

3. Sweater Season

Sweaters are the closest thing we have to wearing blankets, while still looking put together. They're so warm and cozy. Sadly, the "warm" part of why sweaters are so great makes them unfit for the spring and summer. But fall means they can come off the hanger again! Yay wearable blankets!

4. School

Okay, okay, so not all aspects of school are great, but school in the fall is. You get to buy new school supplies, like your favorite pens and a 5-subject notebook for every class. You get new classes, some of which you're probably excited about. And new people, who you may end up best friends with. Going into freshman year of college is completely new. Often times, you're living somewhere completely different, choosing what classes you want to take and meeting all new people. Think of all the opportunities!

5. Hot coffee

I love iced coffee, don't get me wrong, but I hate the condensation that gathers on the side of the cup. Also, hot coffee is a delicious drink and a hand warmer in one. How efficient! (Try the hazelnut hot coffee from Dunkin Donuts.)

6. Leaves

I know they're dead, but they're so pretty! The leaves alone are one of the reasons why I'll never move somewhere that doesn't have all four seasons.

7. Thanksgiving

All of these tell-tale signs of fall lead to one very important thing: Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is essentially the eat-as-much-as-you-can-and-then-spend-time-with-your-family holiday. And I can't think of anything I like more than food and family.

I'll savor the last few weeks of summer because we have three seasons to go before we get it back, but fall is coming and I can't wait!