Aunts are underrated and deserve more credit

There are so many important women in my life. My mom, my grandma, my sister, my friends, and all of my weirdo little cuzzies. They all mean so much to me in so many different ways:

My grandma supports and loves me unconditionally.

My sister is my biggest fan and best friend.

My mom is the woman that I hope to grow up and be.

My friends are the sisters that I chose, and

My cousins are my guaranteed lifetime besties

We always hear appreciation for all these women in people's lives, however, I feel that aunts don't get enough credit. There's Mother's Day, grandparent's day and even sister day. Now, these particular aunts in your life are obviously a sister to someone and could be a mother or grandmother to others, but not to me.

I think that aunts deserve so much appreciation, but especially mine, and here's why:

1. She gives me a different view on life.

I think I have a different relationship with my aunt as opposed to the other women in my life. My aunt is the person who hangs out with me because she wants to and not because she has to. She gives me insight on life in a way that others don't and always supports me no matter what!

2. She listens without judgment 

She always spends time with me and listens to my issues without one ounce of judgment! Growing up, I was the oldest cousin at the sleepovers so she always let me stay up later than the others to play cards and eat junk food and talk about life! Now, its more of gym dates and errands but I appreciate the time with her just as much!

3. She's like the older sister I never had

Being the oldest sibling, I never got the life advice and hand-me-downs from a older sis, so she was great at that role & still is!

4. We can share clothes


5. .... and Secrets! 

From "don't tell your mom I let you stay up that late" to my dramatic college issues, you're always there to listen and promise not to tell!

6. She is the most giving and caring person inside & out

I am so very grateful to have you in my life and I am so glad that I can call you my aunt! I love you and your 3 little kiddies that I get to have as some of my best friends for life!

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