11 Reasons Going To College Is A Good Investment
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11 Reasons Going To College Is A Good Investment

Why college is a good investment into your future.

11 Reasons Going To College Is A Good Investment

As you get older, you'll make many important investments into your life. A new car, your first home, maybe even a membership to a really good gym. These are things that can be important to a successful life. However, the most important investment you should make is a college degree. College is something you can take part in during a critical growth point in your life. Not only are there many ways you can grow socially, but attending college and earning a degree gives you many more opportunities.

1. Money

Studies show that a person who holds a college Bachelor's degree makes almost $1,000,000 more than those who just have a high school diploma over their lifetime.

2. More job opportunities

College degree holders have more options as to which job they take after they graduate because they are certified in a specific field, but also because they are qualified for higher level jobs than those without a degree.

3. Independence

College is great for teaching young adults how to manage their life without their parents present. They have to make choices for themselves but also learn how to budget and manage their own finances, very important after graduation.

4. Study Abroad

There are so many great ways to broaden your horizons and college is one of the best places to do just that. Many colleges and universities have study abroad programs which many students take advantage of. Why not travel? You don't have any immediate obligations except for going to class, and you experience that in a whole different country. College is the perfect time to travel!

5. Form Friendships

Many people meet their lifelong friends in college. You tend to meet like-minded people while you obtain your degree; they often share the same goals as you do.

6. Unemployment

A study done in 2014 shows that the unemployment rate for college graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher have an unemployment rate of 3.8 percent while those holding only a high school diploma have an unemployment rate of 12.2 percent.

7. Raising a Family

If you see yourself getting married and having children someday, one of the best choices you can make is to get a college degree. You'll have more stability and opportunity which will benefit your own children one day.

8. A Fresh Start

For many incoming college students, college is a time where they can start over. They aren't defined by what they did in high school and can reinvent themselves if they choose do to so. It's about becoming the person you really want to be.

9. Networking

College is a great time to increase your network. You'll keep in touch with your college friends, some of whom will go on to do some very very impressive things, as well as college alumni who you'll meet through dinners on campus. They can potentially hook you up with some very cool opportunities.

10. Meet Your Soulmate?

Studies show that 28 percent of people meet their spouse while they attend college. There are brand new people to meet in college, and oftentimes, that includes their future husband/wife.

11. Community Involvement/Awareness

People who have attended college are more likely to be involved in their communities after they graduate as well as be more informed voters come election time.

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