I Chose A PWI Instead Of An HBCU So I'm Not Ignorant Of Others' Cultures

I Chose A PWI Instead Of An HBCU So I'm Not Ignorant Of Others' Cultures

I wanted to experience something different and real and see for myself how other cultures interact.


Why is it that when we African Americans don't attend an HBCU that your family wanted you to go means you're 'disowning your blackness,' or that an HBCU isn't professional enough for you. The reason why I didn't go to an HBCU, which I do regret at least considering it as an option, is because what I had learned is that most are business schools and my major has nothing to do with business (which was just a stereotype.) My major is anthropology (and Forensics,) so trying to branch out and learn new cultures and how people interact with others is what I want to do for a living.

But first, let me tell a little bit about myself... I am an African American who is from Duluth, Georgia, where I went to school and was surrounded on a daily basis by mainly Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and small groups of White people.

What brought about this thought was what happened a few weeks back when Ole Miss had all the marches and disputes over the Confederate Flag on campus. What I didn't expect was to see all the tweets on Twitter criticizing the black students that chose to attend an HWI, Historically White Institution, and not an HBCU. This isn't really surprising or the first time for me and most other black students at a PWI that has been criticized or even disowned.

I feel like for me, attending an HBCU is a way to feel like the majority, but I realized that in the real-world majority of the time I will be working with and for people that are not like me. There are increasingly positive benefits by attending a PWI: it means I am better preparing to learn about different races and cultures and how to interact with other people different from me just by living and taking the same classes as someone different. And being at Ole Miss where we have people all the way from Chicago, Florida, Texas, and even some out of the country!

I didn't want to go out into the real world ignorant about other people's culture even if we have the technology to just learn at home while in bed. I wanted to experience something different and real and see for myself how other cultures interact.

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20 Rules Of A Southern Belle

It is more than just biscuits and grits.

These unwritten rules separate the people that move to the South and were born and raised in the South. If you were born and raised in a small southern town, you either are a southern belle or hope you get to marry one. Their southern charm is hard to dislike and impossible to be taught.

1. Adults are to be answered with "Yes ma’am" and "Yes sir."

Whether it’s your parents, grandparents, or the person that checks you out at the grocery store, always say yes ma’am.

2. Always write a thank you note.

For any and everything. No gesture is too small.

3. Expect a gentleman to hold the door open and pull out your chair.

Chivalry is not dead; you just need to find the right guy.

4. All tea is sweet.

Below the Mason-Dixon Line, tea is made no other way.

5. Don’t be afraid to cook with butter.

I’ve never met a good cook that didn’t giggle a little.

6. “Coke” refers to all sodas.

Here in the south, this means all types of sodas.

7. Pearls go with anything — literally anything

And every southern belle is bound to have at least one good set.

8. "If it’s not moving, monogram it."

9. Pastels are always in fashion.

And they look good on almost everyone.

10. And so is Lilly Pulitzer.

11. Curls, curls and more curls.

The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus.

12. If you are wearing sandals, your toenails should be done.

13. Never ever ever wear white shoes, pants, dresses, or purses after Labor Day or before Easter.

Brides are the only exception. Yes we actually do follow this rule.

14. Never leave the house without lipstick.

A little mascara and lipstick can work miracles.

15. Always wear white when you walk down the aisle.

Weddings are taken very seriously here in the South, and they should be nothing but traditional.

16. Southern weddings should always be big.

The more bridesmaids the better.

17. Saturdays in the fall are reserved for college football.

Whether you spend it tailgating in that college town or watching the big game from your living room. You can guarantee that all southerner’s eyes will be glued to the game.

18. Sunday is for Jesus and resting.

19. Learn how to take compliments curiously.

20. Have class, always.

Cover Image Credit: Daily Mail

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5 Reasons Why Staying At College For The Summer Is The Ultimate Power Move

No school, no rules, summer vacation at the best place on Earth, also known as college.


As summer begins, it brings in the joy of no more school but for most what summer really brings is the sad realization that we have to leave our favorite place and go back to our boring home town with none of our new best friends. Although some have decided to stay at college for the summer and they will soon realize why this will be the best choice that they will be making all summer.


What's better than no school, warm weather, and most importantly no one to say, "Are you just going to sleep till 2:30 p.m. every day this summer?"

1. It's like the weekend, but every day

Do you know what weekends felt like during the school year when you didn't have anything to do? No? You never had any free weekends? Wow, I'm so sorry. Well, imagine a weekend that you didn't have to do anything. Now multiply that one weekend by seven and you get seven Saturday like days where you do not have a single care in the world.

3. No "Go cut the grass!"

For the sons, you know that annoying time every week when your dad is going to say, "Go cut the grass." There is nothing you can do to get out of it. Well, staying at school for the summer means no more nagging. You get to choose what you do now.

4. The bond of friendship

The friends you make when you stay at college for the summer are different than any other bond. Mostly because you all don't have a care in the world since it's summer in your favorite place. It's a right of passage to call someone your summer college best friends. These are best friends that words wouldn't do justice.

5. The townies

Everybody always wonders what happens to a college town when all the college kids go home. Well, the townies come back in full swing and take their town back. If you stay at your college, you get to experience what most can't even describe in words. To the one mid-40s guy trying to relive his glory days. To the old men hitting on the college girls at the local pub. To the weird towny creatures that make you shiver with fright as you drive past them. Have fun townies, you only have three months.

That dream of "I wish I could just stay here at college with all these people but have no responsibilities" is finally coming true.

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