Why Zuko Is Avatar's Most Compelling Character

Why Zuko Is Avatar's Most Compelling Character

From exile and poverty to unquestionable honor, Zuko's path is legendary.

After finally being able to find the soundtrack for "The Legend of Korra," I was sucked into Avatar: The Last Airbender again, for the 50th time. Through the hilarious and tear-jerking parts of the classic anime, ATLA's character development is mind-blowing -- leaving you feelin' for Zuko as he grows from a tormented teen to Fire Lord. Here's what makes Zuko's story so timeless:


The Hair

Besides those, here are the top reasons why Zuko's life captivates millions.

Zuko's Evolution

Zuko starts off bad, like scum of the earth bad. He burns villages, robs people and fights the world's only hope for peace.

Then he realizes his mistakes, finds his true purpose in life and fights with the good guys.


The Influence of Iroh

Zuko becomes the man he is because of his uncle. From banishment to living as dirt-poor refugees, Iroh always guided Zuko to do the right thing... which didn't com easy:

But no matter how many times Zuko failed, his uncle always supported him.

We See Him On His First Date

Before Part II, we never see Zuko's soft side. But after his date we see he hides how kind and thoughtful he is.

Zuko's got enemies -- a lot of enemies.

When compared to other Fire Nation citizens, Zuko's a saint. His own dad's evil and burned his face, etc.

So Zuko's grumpiness is understood.

But other people like Commander Zhao and Azula... they're born evil.

He Goes From Novice to Firebending Master

Look at these moves!


We Finally See Zuko Find His Happy Ending

He finds his goals in life, his own personal happiness and wifes his childhood flame before retiring on top.

His story makes you tear-bend every time.

Cover Image Credit: Zerochan

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6 Reasons You Should Binge Watch Haunted on Netflix

Don't have a chilling show to watch? Head over to Netflix and binge on Haunted


Netflix released their show "Haunted" for the spooky season. The show tells the story of real individuals who have endured terrifying experiences with the supernatural. Each episode, an individual sits down with friends and family to retell their stories. During the retelling of the experiences, there is dramatizing of the events that give a horror movie vibe. The first season only has 6 episodes but leaves you wanting more chilling stories. You should go check out this show.

1. It's a spooky show

"Haunted" makes you want to curl up with warm blankets and freak out with any little noise you hear in your surrounding.

2. Short episodes

The episodes are short enough where you do not get bored with the plot nor the characters.

3. Every episode leaves you with some sort of cliffhanger

Whether the ending is a ghost grabbing a toy for a peace offering or leaving you to think aliens do scientific studies on humans.

4. You can binge watch it in a sitting

Every episode is roughly around 20 minutes, so two episodes in an hour. If you do not have anything going on for the day then completing the first season is no biggie.

5. No lingering spooks

Although the show is definitely spooky and does give you chills, you also don't finish the show being mentally spooked out. "Haunted" is more of a gateway show too much more terrifying shows or movies.

6. Believable spooks

You will believe in ghosts after this show because it is based on a true story! Okay, some episodes may seem really phony, but I blame the acting in the dramatization. It is the fact that the stories are based on true life that makes you question every noise you hear and every shadow.

There you go, six reasons to go onto your Netflix account and start watching "Haunted" before October ends!

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5 Lifesaving Black Friday Tips From An Overworked Retail Worker

Get the inside scoop on getting the best deal, with the least stress.


Whether you love it or hate it, Black Friday is one of the most hectic and overwhelming shopping days of the year. Before I worked as a sales associate at Pacsun, I would walk into a store like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to find a deal. After working Black Friday and gaining some inside knowledge, I now know how to find the best deals with the least stress.

Check out these life-saving tips below:

1. Don't stick to clothes for your gender.


While working at PacSun on Black Friday, I would stand at the front of the store and tell everyone the deals as they were walking in. Both women and men had sales going on for flannels, and the guy's deal was significantly better. A lot of the girls coming in would look over at the guy's flannels with the better deal and say, "dang it, I wish the girls' flannels were that cheap."


Go get yourself a super cute oversized flannel for a better price. There were also times when the girls' side had a better deal on hats, but guys wouldn't venture over to check it out. You are missing so many awesome deals by keeping your mind closed about what you can wear. Go explore a little bit. You'll probably find stuff that you like for a better price.

2. Come in with a game plan.


Before you go shopping on Black Friday, come up with a plan of what your shopping is going to look like. If you go in knowing where you are going and what you want to get, it will be so much less stressful. You can find where everything is ahead of time so that you won't be wandering through the store or scrambling to find an employee to help you.

3. Already know your sizes.


Once you create your game plan, and you know where you are going and what you are going to get, make sure that you know your sizes. If you are buying clothes for you, go in and try them on two days before Black Friday. Then you won't have to wait in a crazy long line to try on clothes and have your friends running to grab other sizes for you.

If you are buying clothes for your family, ask everyone the day before for their sizes and write them in your phone. Then you won't have to text your family and ask them for their sizes while you are waiting in the store. If you already know the sizes you need, you can save so much time and stress by being able to grab them and go.

4. Be nice to the employees.


Retail employees that are working Black Friday probably are on a very long shift and have been treated poorly all day. If you are nice to the retail workers and treat them like human beings, when you ask questions, they will be so much more willing and excited to help you. Every employee knows where everything is, and what all of the deals in the store are. If you are nice to them, the odds of you getting the inside scoop are a lot more likely.

5. Don't shop on Black Friday.


Black Friday is pretty fun and there are quite a few good deals, but if you wait a little bit, you could save even more money. After Black Friday, stores often are trying to get rid of clothes before Christmas, because after Christmas, a new shipment of clothes for the new year will be coming in.

So if you wait a few weeks after Black Friday is over, the deals are often even better. In 2017 I went to LOFT to find a skirt before Christmas. The entire store was on sale, and I got a brand new pencil skirt from LOFT for $4. So the next time you are rushing to the store the day after Thanksgiving, maybe decorate for Christmas instead and get a better deal in a couple weeks.

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