Athletes And Their Medium

It took an athlete who was watching the gridiron from the sidelines a week ago to bring attention to this injustice. A mere sitting out/kneel protest that defends a person's expression of the first amendment attracted so much hate. Even with the attention of the message, he is trying to bring across.

Other athletes are scared to lose that endorsement money. Especially, NFL players, look at Cameron Newton, for example, he was going towards the path of a becoming a main central vocal advocate for the movement. But he had to scale down, Panthers even hired somebody to help him deal with it better.

Some athletes are willing to lose the endorsement money, look at Broncos' linebacker, Brandon Marshall; he lost money the minute he did it. The company pulled the endorsement the next day.

In other leagues, athletes are being encouraged. Look at the NBA, the one league that is not afraid to encourage expression, athletes as soon as they got a chance to step foot on the hardwood; grabbed arms in unison while the national anthem was being sung. Paying homage but yet sending a message just in a different form of protest.

NBA players know they have to send out a message, look at the espy’s for example. In the wake of the Dallas shooting, NBA stars, Stars, took center stage and delivered a stay woke speech on both sides of the argument to open the show. In homage to one of sports icons; who fought not only in the ring but in forefront of injustice of religion and race in America. Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all time. How did this not trigger to a wide scope of an audience?

Other athletes got the message. How come cops haven't gotten the memo?

What’s crazier is the fact this has became something way more than what people would have thought.

This past Sunday, when that quarterback who woke up and shook America was supported by people protesting outside the stadium taking a knee. But others got turnt and partied notoriously doing WWE like moves to a dummy donning the jersey of Collin Kapperneck and the person doing it is calling the dummy a Muslim. People cheer; does this type of thing encourage the hate on the matter of black lives matter?

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>That wasn't even the most inappropriate or intimating thing that happened in buffalo. Look at this picture.

So much symbolism in one picture, let it process.

Here are three African Americans taking a knee in protest to fight for all the injustice that is going in America. Yet the biggest threat to the protest is center frame in the back. Looking directly at the player's protest kneeling during the national anthem but yet look at the officer. He looks so intimating and inappropriate while doing so in regards to the protest. Isn't that the simile to the world we live in as of right now? We try and make an attempt to better everybody without hate, spread love, and treat everybody fairly. The system is broken, we are trying to change it but still face obstacles. Athletes found their media to express it why haven't that message reach the audience it's catered to.

America is the land of opportunity. The military fight our freedom; even some military people support Kaepernick. some disapprove but isn't that the reason in the first place.

How is it the reason why we fight for this country freedom of speech, religion, from people trying to destroy it? But yet we allow it to happen in our backyard America?

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