10 Struggles Every Athlete With Asthma Knows

Asthma, because of all things to be bad at, you pick breathing. Asthma is all over media, from the Toy Dolls song to all the movies with kids needing their inhaler, asthma is a daily struggle for many people. For anyone, asthma is zero fun, but for an athlete, the struggle is increased. As an athlete, you always want to be the best at everything and having this condition is a setback. This may seem small to many, but it is something athletes have to overcome in their every day lives. Even through asthma is different for everyone, I think all athletes with asthma can agree with me on these ten things:

1. You just can’t breathe

No matter the activity, you always seem to get out of breath faster than anyone else.

2. You feel like you're letting your team down

Sometimes you have to slow down a bit to catch your breath or stop for an inhaler puff. The whole time you are thinking in the back of your head how you're letting your team down and you just want to be back out there with them right away.

3. You can never fully catch your breath

Even after the puffs and the break, you will never breathe as well as someone without asthma.

4. Your coaches always think your out of shape

You’re the last one finishing the work out, again. You know your coaches think you haven’t been putting in work and that you’re not in shape but you know in your heart that you did the best you could.

5. A simple cold can take you out of the game

A simple cold with asthma can quickly turn into bronchitis and it can pull you out of the game you love anywhere from days to weeks.

6. Rapid reps are the death of you at practice

Ball after ball hit or thrown at you and sprint after sprint makes anyone out of breath, let alone the person with asthma.

7. Your inhaler is on you at all times

You have one in your pants, all of your backpacks, your car, your trainer has one and sometimes even your friends have one handy for you. No matter where you are, you always have at least one in reaching distance.

8. Running for fun really isn’t an option

You will never feel the “runners high,” only the high you get off your inhaler.

9. People always connect inhalers to being a nerd

In every movie, you see the nerdy kid with inhaler. The stereotypes drive you crazy because you know that asthma can’t slow you down.

10. You can’t breathe

You can’t breathe. Nuff said.

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