You are waiting at death's door for your creator or whatever you believe in to call you to the other side. Unfortunately, your body is in good shape and can hang on for weeks or maybe months for that matter. The agonizing pain has overcome you and the words you never thought you would say slip out, "I want to die." The words are not spoken lightly or a plea for attention. They are real and you mean what you say. As a family member looking at your loved one laying there hoping to be taken from this world you feel helpless. As much as you try to comfort them or ease their pain there is now nothing you can do. The illness has to take its course. What if in the final moments of your life you face this same situation? Would you opt for the choice to escape your own pain and die with dignity?

Donald McNeely faced a similar situation with his wife. His wife had a brain tumor and was bedridden and under the care of hospice expecting death to overcome her, but to her it was not soon enough. Her husband finally heard her cry for help and decided to take her death into his own hands. He shot his wife and killed her. He now faces two years in prison for the crime of second degree murder. Donald McNeely made this decision because his wife was faced with no other options. What if she had? Would this family have faced such a tragic end to their mothers life? Would they maybe not only have had to lose their mom but their dad too? So many things could have been different about this situation. Unfortunately this family was faced with no choice therefore resulting in tragedy.

The Death with Dignity Act is in place in four states so far. This act allows terminally ill patients the choice of taking a prescription to end their life when they are ready. The patient has to meet many requirements before just being handed this medication. It is not something that is taken lightly or encouraged. We can look at activist's who are for it or not for it. We could examine both sides of the case. The physicians who prescribe the medication are looked at as murderers. From the Christian standpoint your life is planned out and is not yours to take. Once again we can look at it from many different aspects but at the end of the day I choose to look at it this way. Who am I to rob this option from someone who is suffering and wants free from their pain? Although I may never choose the option if presented with it, it doesn't mean I should take the option away from others.

We watch people who challenge the Death with Dignity Act. Only to look at these protestors who are well and not in a situation that involves this decision. How dare they object to the compassion of choice?

We all think we know what we would do when put in a horrific situation like this but Ine never knows what option they would choose until placed in this position. I pray for everyone's sake you never have to make a decision like this one but what if you do? When a tragedy like this occurs and it seems you have run out of options why not have that one last choice?