There has been a quiet trend - very quiet in fact - that has been taking over the internet for the last several years. What is it? ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, videos. You know that tingling feeling you get in your brain when someone is playing with your hair or tapping their long fingernails on a countertop? These videos, which typically feature a soft-spoken woman, are intended to capture that same tingling feeling from afar. Essentially, you sit in a dark room and listen to these women tap on hairbrushes, rub velvet, fold towels, play with hair or pretend to put on your makeup. Scientific studies are still being done on the effects of ASMR, but these videos can definitely be used for sleep apnea or relaxation. Undeniably, they can be a little odd or humorous, but if you are able to get past your knee-jerk reaction, ASMR videos could certainly begin to have positive results for you!

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