In Asian culture affection is rarely ever shown between parents and their children, whether it's big hugs, smooches, or even saying the words, "I love you." Parental love is usually shown through actions rather than words. They try to show you that you are important to them without actually ever saying it, and it took me twenty years to realize. My friends and their parents always exchanged adorable gestures with each other and have always wondered why my parents didn't show me love the same way. Below are some ways that I've noticed how my mom shows it, let me know if you can relate!

1. Cutting up fruit and randomly giving it to you


It will literally be so random and sometimes even multiple times a day! Just putting a plate of cut up apples on my desk, casually.

2. Surprising you with gifts out of the blue


When she goes out shopping and comes back with loads of goodies for you, how'd you know I wanted this new perfume ma? What's the catch, it's not my birthday any time soon? Is this a test? Thank you though. Why are you so hard to read?

3. Making you go everywhere with her

roll eyes

OK I get it you just want my company but come on mom do I have to go to Walgreens with you?

4. Asking if you've eaten


Yes I've eaten, I'm in college that's literally all I do mom. Why do you use this as an excuse to ask me how I'm doing?

5. Needing to know where you are all the time

angry text

I'm in class. Yes, mom, I have a class till 5 p.m. Please believe me. Yes, I also have an 8 a.m. Yes, I'm actually at the library. No, Willy T. is not a guy I'm seeing.

6. Throwing the nearest object at you when you do something stupid

throwing at someone

I'm always curious to see what you'll throw next, a banana? A tissue box? Your knee brace? Why use up all your energy, just yell at me.

7. The shoe

throwing shoe

No explanation needed.

8. Criticizing your driving

oh my god

I'm going the speed limit I swear! Next time, you drive.

9. Showering you with compliments indirectly in front of other Asian people

oh really

Interesting, this is the first time I'm hearing this as well fellow family friends.

10.  Making watching Asian films and soap operas together a tradition

watching a movie

Yes I'll watch that drama with you again, no I won't speak while we watch and neither will you.

11.  Not letting you leave the house after 8 p.m.

lilo pillow

Live footage of me after saying no to hanging out with all my friends because I can't go out past sundown.

12.  Asking about any Asian boys you’re interested in at college


I know you're not the one who is interested, it's actually grandma who's been bugging you about it and you need an answer. Yes I know, preferably the same religion. Got it. Tell Nani I'm not getting married any time soon.

13.  Teaching you how to make tea

drinking tea

My chai will never ever be as good as yours.

14.  Forcing homemade remedies on you

face mask

Live footage of my mom putting on some face mask on me that she made out of eggs and other unknown substances to get rid of the one pimple I've been complaining about. She swears by it.

15.  Not letting you be an adult until you’re...nvm that’s not happening


Yeah I've come to the realization that I will never be seen as an adult in your eyes.

16.  They came all the way to America leaving literally everything they had, for you

head nod

You're the real MVP for coming to an unfamiliar place to give me a better future. Many thanks.