When Our Bodies Take Form

One morning I woke up, and it was as if I had transformed over night.

Puberty didn't phase me when I was younger, because I was expecting it. However, for the most part, I maintained a stick-figure of a body until the age of eighteen. All of a sudden my hips grew wider, my body took the form of an hourglass, and I was amazed.

Females endure torturous pain during menstruation. I always described the aches in my bones as similar to growing pains. So when I looked in the mirror and saw myself in a transformed body, I felt as if the pain wasn't so bad after all.

I was so persistent on maintaining a slim figure, up until I gained my curves. I felt, and still feel, so beautiful. It absolutely amazes me that we all have our own unique figures. And goodness, weren't we born to stand out?

Seeing our own beauty, and growing confident in ourselves, is the beginning of a revolution. I witnessed the spark in me grow larger, liberated from the stress tied to body image.

Thankfully we live in a generation in which there is a growing fashion industry for all shapes and sizes. Being small, yet having curves, makes shopping more difficult than once before. Yet, when I find articles of clothing that hug my curves just right, boy do I feel on top of the world.

Look at how you've grown, transformed. Find what you love about yourself, what makes you different. Embrace your confidence -- you are not selfish for doing so. Loving ourselves shouldn't have to be a daily battle. Liberate yourself from your own unrealistic body image expectations. Expect healthy, human, and unique. Wear what you want. Accept compliments.

You are so beautifully unlike any other individual on this entire earth.

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