Recently, my friends and I have been discussing how artists and musicians are treated in society, and how unfair it is. To prove my point, I went to Google, started typing in a phrase, and let Google come up with the most frequent searches:

In college, and in school in general, more money is dedicated towards the sports programs than the music and art programs. In some public schools, art teachers are struggling to get the supplies they need to teach their class. In college, people who are talented in a sport can get a full scholarship, yet someone who is talented in singing, painting, or writing may only get a few thousand dollars a year.

I am not saying that athletes are not needed or need less funding, but I am saying that artists should get more recognized in the work that they do for society.

Artists and musicians have created works that inspired others to keep going. For example, Rachel Platten's Fight Song inspired many people - from those suffering from cancer to depression - to keep going, and that it'll get better. I have often found myself in my room alone, watching poetry slams on YouTube sobbing because of how much I can relate to the person speaking. Art and music has became a therapeutic tool for many people who suffer from a mental illness. Many people have said that J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series has saved their life because it helped their depression. Even in advertising, photographers and graphic designers work hard to create an ad to persuade you to purchase or do something. It is obvious that art contributes heavily on a society. Yet, the people that are creating them have a negative reputation.

In athletics, athletes and the sport itself can motivate someone and inspire them go get out of their depression, or to not let their disability to hold them back. Athletes with disabilities prove that they still can do what they love. Kelly Cartwright is track star with a missing leg. Michael Oher started a rough life, with a father who was often in jail and a mother who was unable to take care of him, which put him in foster care. He now is a famous football player, who has a movie based off him, The Blind Side.

Athletes, unlike artists, are recognized for their inspirational stories and positivity they bring to a society. Again, I started typing in a phrase in Google, and see the most frequent searches:

Other than the belief that athletes are overpaid, this shows that people have a positive feeling towards sports.

Artists, writers, and musicians should get more credit toward the work that they do for society. They do what they love - much like athletes - and are seen as greedy and losers. We, as a society, should change the way that we see artists, and appreciate for what they do.