16 Different Coffee Drinks You'll Find In Different Places Around The World
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16 Different Coffee Drinks You'll Find In Different Places Around The World

Bet you don't know a latté these.

16 Different Coffee Drinks You'll Find In Different Places Around The World
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Here in America, we are used to the idea of a 16-ounce cup-of-Joe-and-go. Besides the more interesting caffeinated concoctions of a mocha or a maple latte, we are quite limited in scope when it comes to Java bean alchemy. However, the globe boasts a variety of coffee cocktails of which you're probably unaware. Tune in and explore this list of continental coffee beverages!

1. Kaffeost, Sweden/Finland

Who would've thought that cheese and coffee would pair well together? In Sweden, it is common to dip cheese into coffee or drink the coffee with the cheese in it (kind of like ice cubes, but not really). Who knows, maybe the java-cheese mixture of Kaffeost will end up being one of your favorites!

2. Frappé, Greece

When I was in Greece a few years ago, I stopped by a cafe on a hot summer's day to enjoy a Frappé. The delicious blend is simply a concoction of instant coffee, sugar, water and ice—an easy recipe that can be replicated at home.

3. Café de Olla, Mexico

Brewed with a stick of cinnamon, the Café de Olla is a traditional drink enjoyed in Mexico. The beverage is infused with unrefined cane sugar and is sipped from a clay mug. It is thought that the clay enhances the taste of the coffee.

4. Café Bombon, Spain

At first glance, the Café Bonbon is sure to kick your sweet tooth into full-throttle. This beverage throws a punch of a sugar at the tastebuds and its thickness is all thanks to the heap of condensed milk that goes into it.

5. Irish Coffee, Ireland

It's too bad they don't serve this drink at the bar! Irish coffee is made from a mixture of sugar, whiskey and coffee and is finished with a dollop of cream on top. Yum!

6. Türk Kahvesi, Turkey

To make Turkish coffee, finely ground beans are brewed in a cezve, a special copper pot. Rather than dumping out the coffee grounds, they are served directly in the mug and are meant to be consumed.

7. Ca Phe Sua Da, Vietnam

An iced coffee beverage mixed with condensed milk? Count me in! What better way to quench your thirst on a scorching day than with Ca phe sua da.

8. Egg Coffee, Vietnam

Why eat eggs and coffee separately for breakfast? Vietnamese egg coffee effectively combines the best of both worlds with an egg-coffee mixture that might just win you over.

9. Café des épices, Morocco

This Moroccan blend is sure to awaken your senses with a fusion of spices from pepper to nutmeg.

10. Café Lagrima: Argentina

Not much of a coffeeholic, nor a fan of decaf? Then the Lagrima from Argentina is sure to satisfy you. The drink is espresso-sized, consisting almost entirely of milk and just a drop of caffeine.

11. Espresso Romano, Italy

When in Italy, upgrade your espresso and go for a Romano. Served with sugar and a lemon rind for flavor, this is a tangy shot of java.

12. Bicerin, Italy

When I was in Florence, Italy, I had the opportunity to taste a delicious coffee/chocolate beverage that is native to the city of Turin. The Bicerin is a wonderful mixture of chocolate and coffee that is sure to quench your sugar-craving. It is about the size of an espresso shot.

13. Pharisäer, Germany

Coffee and rum anyone? This German hot drink would pair perfectly with a slice of rum-soaked tiramisu or can be enjoyed alongside the comfort of a roaring fire in wintertime.

14. Yuan Yang, Malaysia

If ever there were a war to break out between the British tea-lovers and American coffee-chuggers, the yuan yang would serve as the solution to a cease-fire and peace. The drink is a wonderful combination of milk, tea and coffee. Each flavor effectively compliments the other.

15. Melange, Austria

Wondering what a Melange is? This cup of java is a cousin to the Italian cappuccino, the only difference being that its milk-base consists of whipped cream rather than foamed milk.

16. Raf, Russia

Once upon a time, a man named Rafael Timerbaev wandered into a cafe and asked for milk with his coffee. The barista fulfilled his order, mixing together espresso with cream and sugar. Soon Rafael's drink of choice took over Russia by storm, and the Raf (nickname for Rafael) has since been a favorite of the Rusky coffee drinker.

Congrats! You have now traveled around the world with these 16 coffee drinks. Now go home and impress your coffee-drinking friends by whipping up one of these java joys.

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