Ariana Grande Shows Her Fans The Power Of Music
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Ariana Grande Shows Her Fans The Power Of Music

My experience of The Sweetener World Tour in St. Louis, MO.

Dave Meyers

The anticipation leading up to this moment for has been a very long one. I have been a fan of Ariana Grande since her Victorious days. I was so excited when she officially started her music career in 2013. Since then, her music career has kept getting bigger and bigger.

Eight months ago, I received two tickets for her upcoming tour as a birthday present from my family and have been patiently waiting for the day I would get to see one of my favorite artists in the world live in concert.

The set started out with the acapella track, "Raindrops (An Angel Cried)", that is the introduction to her 2018 album. Grande sings the short track off stage while the Enterprise Center was quickly filled up with the screams of her adoring fans.

As soon as she entered the stage, Grande and her dancers recreated her Last Supper-inspired MTV Video Music Awards performance of "God Is A Woman". Next, she sang two songs off her 2019 album: "Bad Idea" and her *NSYNC sampled-track "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored". She started off the first act with three great bops back to back to back. How can you top that?

The next act starts off with a video of a young Ariana acting out some type of scene on her mom's 1990s video camera. The concert then transitions into singing her song "R.E.M". The singer gets so emotional at the beginning of the song that she ends up not being able to perform a majority of the song due to crying. She later addressed the incident in a now-deleted tweet.

The cheers and screaming of the audience helped Grande get through the rest of the act with performances of "Be Alright", "Sweetener", "Successful", "Side to Side", and "7 Rings".

The third act starts off another video interlude of Grande singing a cover of Frank Ocean's "Close to You". She starts off the act with a shortened version of her 2014 single "Love Me Harder" and the last single from her 2018 album, "Breathin". She finishes the act by singing "Needy", "Fake Smile", and "Makeup" off her most recent album.

One of the best parts of the tonight, in my opinion, is when she sang a medley of "Right There", "You'll Never Know" and "Break Your Heart Right Back" which are deep album cuts from her first two albums. She ended the third act with "NASA" and the soulful ballad "Get Well Soon".

Grande quickly hypes up the crowd with another video interlude that plays her song "In My Head" while she exits off stage to prepare for the end of her set. She comes back on stage to play "Everytime", a standout track from her 2018 album, and Nicki Minaj assisted track "The Light Is Coming". She ends the second to last act with "Into You", a single from her 2016 third studio album. It was honestly one of the best performances of the night.

The end of her set starts with her last video interlude of a playful cover of "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" which was made famous by American actress Marilyn Monroe in the 1960 movie "Let's Make Love".

She comes back on stage to perform her biggest hits which include "Dangerous Woman", "Break Free", "No Tears Left To Cry", and "Thank U, Next".

She ends the show by thanking her fans for always be there for her and for coming to the show as she and her dancers walked around the stage with Pride flags in hand.

This was hands down one of the best concerts of my entire life. Ariana has always been a huge inspiration for me and her music has gotten me through some of the best and worst times of my life. Seeing her live in concert was a dream come true and I hope everyone gets to experience such a masterpiece like her sometime in their life.

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